photo by secret squirrel

Warns Magnificent White Road Boss seen here at Truck City Melbourne in 1985 ( Is this you Russell )

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  • pappa11 5y

    great shot craig love the old truck city photos the boss looks like its in good condition very nice but that W next to it WOW two warriors of the road here thats for sure great stuff
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Pappa yes you are spot on their Pappa This truck im sure was driven by one of my contacts Quarterdeck (Russell ) And im hoping i have got this right and that he has a look to confirm That W-Model next door is one of Glovers old girls have seperate shots of that will get on for you one day Pappa They had a heap of trucks on the othe side of this the Boss is Warns big Louie Got too love all the Tarp Jobs dont see that anymore eh thanks Pappa
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    WOW, I love the old Road Bosses and this is great example it. Those big twin cans on the side look awsome. Thanks mate.
  • Russell PRO 5y

    Maaaateeee...!!! Thats awesome , Yep that would have been me !!
    Thanks so much for that ...
    I had the Road Boss, My besty Greg in a LNT and terrys brother Dave had the other LNT and we had a brown slimline Cabover .
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gary=Yeah mate this is one hell of a beast and it sure caught my attention on this day and yeah how tough do the twin cans look = Thats my pleasure Russell thank you for looking after the mighty beast so well always looked a treat so i was rapt to get a couple of pics its hard to believe this was 25 years ago seems like yesterday when i took this =Had you just come out of the Markets with this load ? Not sure if ive got the slim line will have to go and have a look more homework for the squirrel LOL thanks Gary and thanks Russell rapt you like it
  • Russell PRO 5y

    Thanks again, And these loads would have been show freight , loaded out of the art centre ( aust theatre company ) Plenty of packing under the tarps for the odd shaped theatre back drops etc.. Doser's would often need a chop out , Loaded for Sydney. The market freight was nice and square .. ( boxes of lettuce)
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Russell oh yeah wow that would be awkward god you did a great job of that mate oh the good old days hah hah thanks Russell
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