photo by secret squirrel

These big stunning Imaculate Big Rigs shine at the Leongatha Truck Show in 2008

  • wob2007 6y

    Looks like a Lewington paint job. A really great shot of a really great truck. Many thanks.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 6y

    yeah it does look like a lewington but i think its more the reeves colors they also had cattle trucks and hooked onto milk tankers as well might try to investigate that one thanks for having a look their warren
  • orangepeel91us PRO 4y

    Thats a standard Kenworth paint scheme. Been in use since at least the 50's here in the US.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 4y

    Thanks Peel Yeah thats right we have had them here too well a lot of the early Cabovers were Imported straight from the States with that design not too many of them in recent years though so it was good to see a modern Truck all decked out thanks Peel
  • Linehaul Jnr 4y

    just to set the record straight this one is from the reeves stable driven by my brother in law greg crow (crowie) and runs the hume hwy everynight pulling a B double for hunters express. charlie had this colour scheme in the early 80's before lewingtons and possibly the ones you saw in the early days were a reeves, as he had a few of them including SAR,s before going from mainly red,black and white as in photo to blue,silver and white then to pure white with the usually reeves black and red pinstripe and scroll work
    this red one and one blue one in the fleet the rest (about a dozen or so white ones)all kw,s except for one argosy
    thanks steve (linehaul jnr)
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 4y

    Thanks Steve =Hey thanks for thats Info mate much appreciated I will post up a Reeves one I got from many years ago its a bit different to this one but maybe its a different Reeeves any way keep a look out for him and and I should put up a Lewingtons one besides it then we can see the differences Mmmm Yeah I think I will do that This is and awesome looking rig for sure Im glad you found my site hope you enjoy the Pics thanks Steve
  • Linehaul Jnr 4y

    no worrys mate you do some of the best photos I have ever come across dont see many furniture trucks thou. being an old funiture removalist myself I used to subby for downard pickfords in the 80's and drove gerry hoares (my best mate) fiat truck and dog running melb to adelaide after she bought the kw
    I'm sure you have a photo of reeves old cab over (i think a k123) in the same colours as above it has white &black I-T plates on it and twin air cleaners coming over the roof, it was one super quick truck in them days as you would be doing overnighters
    keep up the great work
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 4y

    Thanks Steve hahah No worrys mate Im really glad you are enjoying them mate it makes it all worth while I do have a real old photo of a Fiat removal Truck Going through Trafalgar I only had a little camera back then (Still Do) so the quality not too good but I will dig him out and post him up soon for you Steve and I will keep a look out for more of them for you from now on another Mission for Secret squirrel LOL Thanks Steve
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