Albion River Kayak 2015
We had expected the day to be thoroughly rainy. As expected, a light drizzle fell why we were setting up. However, by the time we were on the water the drizzle had cleared and the sun came out! We paddled hard against the strong incoming tide to reach the famous Albion River Bridge with its massive wooden trestle supports. Whirlpools and swirling eddies spun us around and sometimes it seems like we weren’t even moving relative to the shore. When we finally turned around we simply flew up that river!

We passed by the three ramshackle but charming houses built on platforms anchored in a big bend of the river. We also paddled through a narrow sluice into a large and sheltered bay which reminded Joe of his youth spent duck hunting in similar places. Departing through the narrows required some serious power against the force of the current!

We saw a mysterious sparkly sheen on the water at one point - we guessed that it could be a combination of oil from the rare motorboats, garnished with mica or organic dust.

Most paddled up as far as they could go, but then Dan and I pushed on a bit farther still. We pushed floating logs out of the way, pivoted around fixed logs and trees, did the limbo under a log bridge and whacked plenty of bushes before we met a truly impassable dam. One log that we had bypassed had been pushed by the current into a complete barrier but, fortunately, it was light enough that we could push it down and paddle over it.

Our superb store-boughten lunch was followed by the Albion River Games: hurling, the caber toss and that stalwart of lumberjacks, log riding! Holly was the one and only champ!
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