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chart of English Bay (Luna Log entry) | by Dale Simonson
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chart of English Bay (Luna Log entry)

I posted the following description on the SCAMP forum:


----------(Luna Log, entry 7)-----------

Tues, June 17, 2014

launch at Vanier Park (entrance of False Creek), English Bay


started loading 10:30 or so

left house about 11:20

launched 12:15, tide 2.6m (Pt Atkinson table), on the ebb, right on the minimum to launch at this ramp with this trailer setup, car tailpipe just touching the water, back wheels about four inches deep, gave Luna a push and she slid right off the bunks.


Sun came out as I launched, wind very light from east at first, but strengthened to maybe 4-5 knts, and then shifted to west 6-8 knts around 2pm. In the easterly, I reached back and forth in the eastern end of the bay, from English Bay Beach to Kitsilano Beach, not going far out into the bay in case the wind died.


When the wind turned west I was fairly close to the QR Channel Marker, and I beat out to Jericho Sailing Centre (JSCA) on one long tack. Played with outhaul, centreboard, downhaul, sheet, and heading, to find optimal upwind performance. Likes to be footed off, you can really feel the loss of speed when you try to point as high as the sloops that are nearby. Tacked and bore off to a broad reach across the bay, through the freighters, heading for Siwash Rock. A bit more than halfway across, I gybed, and headed back to Royal Van YC, gybed again headed for Second Beach, gybed etc, etc, etc, all the way back.


Saw a really nice canoe yawl "Pilgram's Wake" (a George Holmes "Eel") and had a great chat with the fellows on board as we coordinated a few gybes and hardened up and compared our pointing and speed. She displaces about 3000 lbs, and Luna overtook her downwind very handily in the conditions (4-5 knots) with the centreboard up (don't tell him ;-) ), but, although the Scamp seemed to point slightly higher, the Eel's waterline advantage showed when we went to weather. She rolled us, said goodbye, and tacked away.


Arrived back at ramp 6pm, tide 2m, on the flood. By the time I got the sail down and everything tidied away, the water was high enough for a fairly simple recovery, pretty well the reverse of the launch. A somewhat leisurely de-rigging, folding of sail, etc, and I left the launch ramp at 7:15.


Arrived home 8-ish, washed car and trailer down, scrubbed the slime off the topsides and waterline (and fenders! very thick stuff from the flooding tide at the ramp, I think), unloaded and opened all the hatches, and parked her in the garage 9 pm.



"storing a Gartside, and sailing Luna" #162! | photos on Flickr

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Taken on June 17, 2014