whats haunting him?

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    just fun self portraits . not too bothered about the processing .

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    1. Pixxl 87 months ago | reply

      yeah, I've been peeking some more - who did your make-up for these? The more I look the more awesome they seem! More more more pleeeeeeeez!

    2. discoluxxx 87 months ago | reply

      Oh my god, this is well scary. You have a real dark side to yourself don't ya?

    3. L C L 87 months ago | reply

      ...are you Mr. Jay- ckil or Mr Hide ?...hahaha...funny

    4. Lord Schmindie 87 months ago | reply

      top work dude, you know this is my sort of thing! Why is it everyone freaks out when you get creative?

    5. ZpanishZcorpio (1+1= 3) 87 months ago | reply

      I know Lord Schmindie.......I ask myself the same question, why does everyone FREAKs out ????? hhahahahhhhaha.........


    6. Elusive Queen (See you in the Summer) [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

      Jay I find this too compelling to laugh....................brilliant art and extremely original.

      How I feel during PMT. I kid you not xxx

    7. ttfn... [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

      look like we have a new Icon....lol

      good job!

      what makeup?

      This is just how he is when the wife makes him take a timeout.

    8. Sorceria 87 months ago | reply

      Good idea but... so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. collidedwithgod 87 months ago | reply

      Man O' Live... that is one creepy shot. Great job... I think it evokes all you had intended.

    10. Azli Jamil Photography 87 months ago | reply

      Made me smile.
      Thank you :-)

    11. Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi 87 months ago | reply

      This is crazy. And also brought a smile on my face.

    12. Pixxl 87 months ago | reply

      ahahahaa! page 42 on explore!! :D

    13. Secgeek06 87 months ago | reply

      I love it... think its awesome!!!

    14. lecates 87 months ago | reply

      love what you're doing with the hair dude.

    15. driscollm459 87 months ago | reply

      A big APLAUSE !

      Ha! Ha! I love it!! have been dabbling in this myself lately...good job!

    16. Mél_Ancholy [deleted] 87 months ago | reply


    17. Brian O'Mahony 87 months ago | reply

      That's one scary looking expression!

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Extreme Expressions! ~ Plz Read group description, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    18. mommytotwo 86 months ago | reply

      All i can see is a big white COC*** and you being weird again .... I AM BACK!

    19. quimera_rfv 71 months ago | reply

      puf!!! perfect face of a crazy man.

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