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Easy Rider 40th Anniversary

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the movie Easy Rider. Recently released on Blu-ray disc, from this great distance in time some may not understand the profound impact this movie made. In previous years various "biker" flicks featuring outlaw gangs had exploited the image most citizens had of motorcyclists. The Hells Angels even licensed their name and logo to hollywood for "Hells Angels '69", a decision Sonny Barger would later publicly regret. Part of the great appeal of this movie was the visuals of Hopper and Fonda riding in tandem on scenic roads as they traveled across America from Southern California. Encountering locals along the way, crossing bridges over Americas great rivers and all done with a very current rock soundtrack as background. Devoid of the usual "biker tough guy bullshit" the movie accurately portrayed the prejudice bikers encountered from cops and "citizens" during the 60's. Riding my choppers before and after opening my shop, I was stopped by the police on many occasions for "ugly in a no ugly zone". Sturgis was still a small summer gathering of mostly touring riders when I passed through in 1975.


Julie models our shop t-shirt in a photograph by John Reddick taken in 1974. Scanned from an 8x10 print and post processed in Photoshop CS.

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Taken circa 1974