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catalog cover shoot | by mcwont
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catalog cover shoot

This is a full view of the setup in my garage for the cover shoot for the second edition of our parts catalog. That's me waiting to see if the photographer needs the bike moved, which is also why I am in my stocking feet so as not to mar the paper drape. I purchased two white paper background drapes and taped them together to get a wide enough "infinite" background for the bikes and models. After advertising in the local newspaper want ads we hired two women who were inexperienced models but eager to work with the local "chopper guys". You can see the calendar this session produced here John Reddick, our product photographer for the first catalog was also half owner of the advertising agency which placed our magazine and newspaper ads. I had known him and his partner during my 4 years at the local newspaper where I worked as an artist in the retail display advertising department. John and Bill Smith leased space on the third floor of the newspaper where they provided services to both the editorial and advertising departments of the Stockton Record. I had worked with both men closely on many projects at the newspaper and it was a natural fit to turn to them when we needed to begin printing catalogs. In 1976, after I had closed my last motorcycle shop they offered me a job which I accepted. Even with my previous 9 years of advertising work, John mentored me in prepress imaging and halftone reproduction of photographs for offset lithography. He was a master craftsman with many years of trade knowledge, a patient teacher and the man who instilled in me the master/apprentice ethic. After he died several years ago, his daughter offered me his entire catalog of negatives. I accepted her gift and culled these images from his years of work for me and many other local businesses, politicians and community leaders. After removing all the negatives that pertained to my motorcycle shops I donated the remainder of the collection to the Bank of Stockton Photo Archives, a local 142 year old institution with a vast archive of historical images. Scanned from a 37 year old 35mm negative shot by John Reddick in September 1972.

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Taken in September 1972