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My tiny & humble 8x10ft studio

Pull Back shots from session with Kate Wolf:


Some have asked for some shots of my studio, knowing that I work in a very tight space - so here they are! :-) For those that didn’t know, now you can see the space I work in :) Pretty darn tight... but “where there’s a will, there’s a way”!


These are pull-back shots from my recent beauty shoot with Kate.


Studio size is measured at 8ft wide, 10ft deep with a 10ft ceiling.


I really have to push the limits on this room room and my gear, trying to conceal how small it really is and get somewhat respectable "studio shots". Grids, light placement, lens focal length… all are critical in my shooting. With my room being 10ft deep, I have about 5ft between me and my subjects (notice all of the 3/4 shots), and have them about 5ft from the backdrops. I've tried to get full body by going wider but anything beyond 38mm or so, you really start to notice the distortion.


On the top photo, on the back wall you see I have 3 seamless rolls, all had to be cut down to 7ft wide, (black, grey, white). I use bi-fold doors (one side painted back, the other white) to control light, either to block or fill light. Also a ton of foam board is used as well. Flags, GoBo’s, etc… you name it, I use it.


On the bottom photo you see the back wall (which I'm usually pressed up against 99% of the time).


So until I’m some hot shot, high profile NYC fashion photographer making the big bucks to afford a $4K a month studio space in NYC, this will have to do… lol. Alas – I’ve learned a lot in the past 4 months of shooting.


In such a tight space, learning to control light was a must. A positive I say though… one day I’ll look back and enjoy what I learned in this room.


So there you have it folks – my tiny, humble, and at times depression inducing “studio” space.


All studio work you've seen in my portfolio have all been done in here.


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Taken on October 5, 2011