• Unfortunately I got some noticeable softness and lateral aberration on the bridge right here due to some salt water smears on my GND filter

    Let this be a lesson to you all to clean your gear!
  • A little stick I opted to not clone out
  • I was trying to time my shots so that I could capture an out-flowing wave at the same time an incoming wave would crash against the bridge. I have a few shots like that, but none them have as nice of reflected light in the f/g.
  • This bit was really bright! So I had to angle my GND a bit to cover this with a darker part of the filter
  • Oooooo I hate that! - ~ Aaron Reed ~

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Explore #1 - Highest Position, October 3rd. Thanks everyone!

Earlier this week, the central California coast was blessed with its first real sunset since the summer marine layer began way back in May. That light caused a furor around the Bay Area, with lots of photogs hoping that the winter sunset season had begun.

So it came as no surprise when this past week I received a flurry of text messages asking how the evening clouds looked here at the coast in Santa Cruz. But sadly, the entire week was crystal-clear and cloudless. Until Friday night that is. A few clouds started to build, but nothing to get too exited about. Nevertheless, I knew there were some keen shooters out there, so I got in touch with Jave and David, and talked about the clouds a bit.

Both guys decided to roll on out to the coast to shoot Natural Bridges even if it meant shooting in less than spectacular conditions. As we got to the beach however, it became apparent that the sky was going to BLOW UP (to use the appropriately Jave vernacular). When the color did arrive, it was so full and beautiful that it caused us to lose all rationality and run around like chickens, scratching in the sand and shooting shooting shooting.

Afterward we kept talking about how it was the best light we've ever seen at NB (either in person or in photos). Simply amazing.


Tech Notes

Nikon D300s
0.62 sec
12 mm
Lee 3-stop soft GND Filter, handheld at a slight angle to darken the hot horizon on the right

In Raw Converter:
- Dropped my exposure by about 0.4 stops to make the colors richer
- Global contrast for added pop
- Local contrast adjustments to water streaks to add definition

In Photoshop:
- Noise reduction via Neat Image
- Selective Sharpening of arch
- Slight brightness and contrast boost to foreground
- Slight brightness and contrast boost to bridge to enhance the light there
- Luminosity mask on bright brights with darkening curves layers to improve color near the horizon on the right hand side

Thought Process: done with notes on the Image, a la Patrick Smith

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  1. Cap'n J's Photography 31 months ago | reply

    Wicked shot! Love the light and color and the movement in the foreground is great too!

  2. GeeQueue 29 months ago | reply

    Just incredible - the motion draws you right in!

  3. E.Mill 27 months ago | reply

    Wonderful capture!
    Congrtas for explored!

  4. artland 26 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


  5. jonnyamerica 25 months ago | reply

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    noi ti aspettiamo !!! we are waiting for you !!!

  6. Yannick Lefevre 25 months ago | reply

    back on this one
    i remember well it, the rocks is well framed & the long exposure timing give a nice dynamic action with the waves rushing

  7. Beauty Eye 25 months ago | reply

    nicely captured..

    you may visit my Latest shot:
    Muscat - Beautiful Day

    [ via search results on flickriver  --Beauty Eye ]

  8. rbn petralanda 17 months ago | reply

    Simplemente espectacular !!!

  9. Cat baby 10 months ago | reply

    Lovely landscape!

  10. christinebeattie1 7 months ago | reply

    absolutely stunning

  11. vytk0.618 6 weeks ago | reply

    wings of wind angels find
    explore space, time and mind

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