• This is a huge cave that goes back about 30 feet under the rocks
  • To get to this vantage point you have to walk right here. Don't slip!
  • I love how this points over to the waterfalls - maxxsmart
  • it was right here... no mas... :( *that* would have been an amazing sight, with the water going under the little rock bridge - surfwax

Waterfalls and Waves, part II

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So there's this cool shelf just north of Four Mile Beach in Santa Cruz, and on this shelf is this cool, pseudo-seastack. And when the tide is right the waves come in, crash against the rocks and send jets of foamy wash around the pseudo-stack to cascade back into the ocean. It's pretty excellent to watch.

I've been trying to get a good shot of this phenomenon for about a month or so - ever since I found this shelf in the first place. But the conditions have to be just right in order for the photo to happen: the tide has to be higher than 3 feet, otherwise the water doesn't come up high enough to go around the stack. At the same time, the tide has to be lower than about 4 feet, otherwise the ledge I'm shooting from gets doused repeatedly by the waves. And you also need some nice sunset color to the southeast.

After a couple of attempts, everything came together for me last Friday: perfect tide levels and a nice, rosy sunset. Hurray!

Hope you enjoy it.


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  1. ken.hubbell 49 months ago | reply

    This is super sweet. It pays to be patient.

  2. Javier Millán 49 months ago | reply

    ¡¡Perfect shot!! Muy buena exposición, no estaba fácil. Nitidez increíble.

  3. milophoto 49 months ago | reply

    Great work man.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  4. ~ Aaron Reed ~ 49 months ago | reply

    That's freaking sweet man. What an awesome location. Santa Cruz is the only place I have seen that rivals the Oregon Coast. Very amazing water action! Those looked like some big ass waves too!

  5. James Anthony Photography 49 months ago | reply

    Great shot and great location. Did you get out tonight? Light was nice I missed it.

  6. D Breezy - davidthompsonphotography.com 49 months ago | reply

    nice and clean! nice composition, great clouds, nice water movement as well. really nice image.

  7. satosphere 49 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot. The excess water from the wave flowing down the rocks just looks like a tiny little waterfall on the ledge.

    I was looking at the maps and there doesn't seem to be any safe way getting down there barring rappelling down the cliff near Wilder Ranch.

    Hoping to see more shots from this place.

  8. Joshua Cripps 49 months ago | reply

    Thank you very much, guys, your comments and faves are super appreciated.

    @Tropical: that was my reaction too when i first saw this: are you kidding??? :)

    @Aaron: Santa Cruz is certainly amazing, and I didn't even know the coast was like this when I moved here! Hopefully I'll get up to Oregon before too long to compare the two for myself.

    @James: didn't get out. there were some clouds but they were dissolving pretty quickly so i opted to stay home

    @Sathish: don't worry: no rappelling required! just walk along the cliff edge north of four mile beach. when you get above this shelf, there's a little ravine that leads down to it and you can just walk right down to a spot where it's only about a 3-foot drop onto the shelf. here's the location of that little ravine:

    Access to the shelf

  9. Steve Boote.. 49 months ago | reply

    wonderful shot Josh,its great when everything comes together like this and you got a really nice sky too.Superb shot mate.

  10. Hark Lee Photography 49 months ago | reply

    Josh, amazing shot, I really like everything in this shot. Very nice processing as well. : )

    - Hark

  11. Justin Reznick 49 months ago | reply

    This is stellar Josh! I'm so glad your efforts payed off! Great foreground and sky that compliment each other so well and the awesome waterfall that makes the shot!

  12. scrapping61 49 months ago | reply


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  13. Andrew Kumler 49 months ago | reply

    Very cool shot man, I love the textures, colors ,comp...Its all good... :)

  14. Darren White Photography 49 months ago | reply

    Amazing work....the cascade in the middle coming over the cliff is sweet...good thing you wern't standing up there......I am thinking now that it could be cool shot from that vantage point!!!

  15. David M Hogan 45 months ago | reply

    Wow, awesome location, this is great!

  16. TARIQ-M 42 months ago | reply

    Amazing angle, composition and very nice colors.

  17. SF knitter 42 months ago | reply

    Love the way everything worked out for you here. This is a very cool cascade.

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