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Sadaharu Aoki - Jardin du Luxembourg | by Canon S3 IS in Paris, France
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Sadaharu Aoki - Jardin du Luxembourg

Many disappointing copies of Pierre Hermé's Ispahan can be found in and around Paris. But for the first time, I found a macaron cake that is on par with Hermé's creation. Flavored with violet flower, the macarons entrap the raspberries around violet cream and a red fruit filling. This cake is also flavored with Earl Grey tea.

Thanks to the talent of Sada, it is not too sweet, and neither too obvious nor too strong, which I did not expect from the violet-red fruit macarons I had at Ladurée and Gérard Mulot, which felt like eating jam. The flavours mixed perfectly and delicately, for pure bliss.

Certified one of the greatest cakes in Paris!

And also cheaper than the Ispahan: 4,80 euros.


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Recently Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir ( ) discovered that a gallery Only-Dreemin was ripping her off. They'd sold thousands of dollars worth of her images. So she did what anyone with a following on the internet might do and she posted about her frustration and plight on her flickrstream. What's yahoo do? Deletes the image & threatens to terminate account.

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Taken on April 12, 2007