• Ananas! / Pineapple! Never seen before in Paris. That is the flavor of the month in this shop. Only one week left!
    The pineapple flavor is nice, but I would like it better if it was stronger and less sweet...maybe that is impossible. Or French macarons lovers are impossible to satisfy?
  • Chocolate and orange.
    Well, not enough orange: I saw it but I did not feel it!
  • Dark chocolate.
    Quite strong and good, but I still prefer Ladurée and Gérard Mulot's bitter chocolate macarons.
  • 65% chocolate.
    That is roughly the percentage of my satisfaction while eating it.
  • Salt and chocolate!
    My favorite! A new sensation inside a macaron, although Pierre Hermé already made wonderful cakes this way.
    This macaron makes it worth going to this shop!
  • Old piece of junk.
    Al Qaeda please bring it down, thank you! :D
    Imagine the Eiffel tower asleep across the Champ de Mars! She would be much more beautiful and poetic!
  • If you live in this horrible building you should move. Living in an ugly building is bad for your mental health. That is why you feel so miserable and spend so much time shopping to feel better instead of giving it to the Jacques Chirac museum. You have no respect for great men. I hate you!
  • If you recognized this plastic bag you made Pierre Hermé rich enough, go to his talented ex-employee Arnaud Lahrer for a change! And stop using these bags in your trashcan when you have guests to make them feel miserable!
  • You silly notes addict! What on Earth did you think was here? Go read a book if you crave words so much! A B.O.O.K.! As in book. Whatever!
  • A giant thermometer that was erected for King Kong in case he felt ill because of the chilly winds while climbing this junk. Who said Parisians were not kind towards tourists?

Macarons Gregory Renard à la Tour Eiffel

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Before Paris pigeons attacked my macarons.
The macarons come from the small chocolate shop of Gregory Renard, which I found thanks to:
More pictures of this shop and its macarons:
Chocolaterie Gregory Renard, 120 rue Saint-Dominique, Paris 7è. From the Eiffel tower, go to the centre of the Champ de Mars (that is the name of the Eiffel tower garden), follow the large street that crosses the Champ de Mars to the North (= to the left): you will very soon stumble upon rue Saint-Dominique.

La vérité sur cette photo: deux clichés en un. La honte!

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  1. shima630 98 months ago | reply

    So cute scene ☆

  2. Canon S3 IS in Paris, France 98 months ago | reply

    You can take almost the same picture in Tokyo!
    Or better: under a sakura! :)

  3. Purple Cloud 98 months ago | reply

    am surprised they didn't get blown away before being attached by pigeons! should have eaten them first!

  4. Canon S3 IS in Paris, France 98 months ago | reply

    They were blown away once, but fortunately fell only a few centimeters backwards.
    It was a very risky photo!

  5. ilnauseesartre 83 months ago | reply

    Qu'ils mangent des macarons...

  6. Beta-o-rama 72 months ago | reply

    Macarons de Pierre Hermé!!!! Maravilloso!!!! Inmejorable merienda para un paseo romántico!!!

  7. +Jethro+ 66 months ago | reply

    Yummmm. Really cool shot.

  8. Mattia Mark II 46 months ago | reply

    Nice picture :D

  9. hatterska 43 months ago | reply

    my dream :)

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