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1: From all the dolls you own, who is your favourite and why?

My two first Latis, Miss V (over) and Pettibon, my tan pirate Lea. Pettibon was the first Lati I ever saw IRL. And I still remember the moment I saw Miss Vs promo pics on the Lati page! I was floored. Love at first sight! <3


2: Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting?

About 4 years ago, I saw a wonderful picture totally randomly on everyone's uploads here on flickr. It was a Narae doll and it fascinated me endlessly. I remember googling it and finding the Narae sight and realising how expensive she was eek! I also remember very well that I sent the person of that doll a PM asking about her doll, and not getting a response. I get a lot of messages from people asking about Lati dolls and I always ALWAYS answer everyone and try to provide the best information for them. I still wonder why the person never helped me:/


3: Name the very first doll you ever bought?

I wanted a Narae but she was too expensive for me at the time. I bought a MSD, a Planetdoll Riz. I ended up selling her though to buy a Iplehouse Amy.


4: Which doll do you plan to buy next?

I plan on buying the Lati Event bunny from the AIW, or a sleeping Lea.


5: Are you currently waiting on any dolls?

Yes a Lati tan pirate mystic Lea. I hope she arrives soon!!


6: How many dolls do you currently have?

4, all Latis:) Wonder if I will ever get something from another doll company again? I sometimes see dolls I love from others, like Imda Modigli, and some Pipos dolls, but I lust so badly over Latis I can't seem to take the plunge on anyone else!


7: Name the very last doll you bought?

My tan Lea, that is probably lost in the mail somewhere:(


8: What is the worst thing about this hobby?

All the waiting, wanting and brokeness lol! But luckily it gives lots back in return.


9: What is the best thing about this hobby?

Being inspired, having fun and sharing the love!


10: Which is your best dolly photo (of yours)?

This was a hard question! I have no idea. I am really critical about my own photography, more than you'd think! I never mention it on my stream, but I often think about deleting images and I'm mostly not that happy with the way my ideas comes out. I want to be a better photographer and I wish I had more talent.


11: Which is your favourite BJD company?

Latidoll! They make the sweetest most magical dolls ever and their size is perfect and oh so cute.


12: Who are on your wish list?

I have so many on my wish list right now! I posted a list recently. I am obsessing a bit about dolls lately, and I hope I can get some of them soon. I really want a mystic Miel and a tan Coco. I just let my NS Coco go and I miss her, I want a tan version of her though.


13: Are there any dolls you wished you had never purchased?

I did a trade a while back that I regret, being new in the hobby and not realizing market value. I think I lost a lot of money there, but I have learned my lesson! All in all I have been happy with my dolls, and although many have moved on I feel happy to have known them<3


14: Who's your favourite face up artist/s?

I'd have to say Caroline. And I really love Danny Vanilla too, but she isn't active anymore! I am also impressed by Tanyas incredible work.


15: What is a must when considering a purchase/pose ability/faceup/age/etc?

A doll has to be inspiring! I love looking at a doll and getting a feeling of her character at once. To me a doll is inspiring when they have personality, beauty and "speak to me".


Ok that's all thanks for reading! <3 L

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Taken on November 22, 2011