Michael Jackson

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This is the classic dancing of
Michael Jackson, for those dancing fans, it is surely a long lasting memory.

In the season to remeber the kinf of pop, what is your good idea?

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  1. José Luis Pérez Navarro 74 months ago | reply

    Nice idea.

    Here's my tribute to... ♫ Michael Jackson ♫

    Visit my Channel dedicated to the King of Pop on Youtube.


  2. lillian30 74 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your sharing.

  3. History 2010 74 months ago | reply

    For me this was HIStory. I picked this picture because I am a huge Michael Jackson fan so for me this was a fun photo. I can't agree with everything that he did or was accused of. But he did have talent. Somewhat weird but a human being. Black or white he could dance. I didn't cry when he died because I knew he would be doing the moonwalk in heaven. People were so sad when he died but didn't give two shits about him when he was alive. He was ionic, people knew him all over the WORLD not just in U.S. or Gary, Indiana where he grew up. He changed the way music was played he sang with other superstars. Royalty knew of him presidents knew of him. He went through a lot. He did not deserve to die like that. At the hands of another man. Could have the Dr. saved him? You can't help but dance or even try the moonwalk when nobody's around. He will be greatly missed. I still listen to his Thriller album 65million records were sold that is unheard of these days. Thanks for the great songs Michael.

  4. lillian30 74 months ago | reply

    well, yes, this picture was a history and classic. No dancer will surpass him, and could not surpass him.
    By the way, I am also a fan of him, and going to collect more pictures of him, would you like to share some?
    And also, www.go4dancing.com/ this is my blog, with a series about Michael, guess you will like him.

  5. Maria982 72 months ago | reply

    Essa foto é muito linda. Expressiva, visualização perfeita de Michael... Amo o muito.

  6. RoguishOne [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    Wow. A truly iconic picture of MJ. He was a legend who was rarely understood by the world, and has been one of my musical influences since I was a little kid.

    I always played his music growing up, and now I believe that he is finally immortal. I always appreciated his influence, and I always will. Now, he can finally have peace.

    As long as there is music, he will never really die. Now he belongs to HIStory.

  7. locobame 71 months ago | reply

    michael jackson est un danseur de grande classe il était mon plus grand artiste le roi du pop

  8. rere665 65 months ago | reply

    l love him so much and l miss him and he is the best firend l ever had.

  9. Ace Boon Coon 65 months ago | reply

    Michael is the best! I luv u michael! Never forget u! Muah! Much luv! Ace

  10. rere665 61 months ago | reply

    Will all miss him so much and will love him to death and will all care all him and I want to known who kill michael jackson.and I love him and I care about him.

  11. Beverlee Kalb 60 months ago | reply

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  12. Lil aman 58 months ago | reply

    I am pround of michael jackson

  13. OMAROSH 58 months ago | reply

    He is the king not also pop, the king of music
    mj r.I.P.
    The best singer of all time.
    For me no body can make this CAREER

  14. sethmtsen1 52 months ago | reply

    He is indeed a legend.

  15. jessica2054 42 months ago | reply


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