Des 'cartes postales' de Paris, meme que je n'y suis pas cette annee. Je ne voyage pas en Europe en 2012, mais j'ai plusieurs vues de cette ville merveilleuse dans mes archives de 2004, 2006, et 2007 a partager avec vous. :o)

These are photos from my archives - taken during the last three visits to Paris.
I will continue to add to this set over time. I have included history of the locations, with links to other sites for more information, for those who enjoy knowing more about Paris.

My set of HISTORIC CAFES OF PARIS is here:

You'll also find additional photos of Paris in my set on FRANCE here:

Bon voyage!

For lovers of history and cities, below is a link to accounts of early Paris, under Philippe Auguste (1200's) and a fantastic explanation of how Paris was changed during the urban renewal project lead by Baron G.E. Haussmann in the 1800's:
Haussmann's boulevards established the foundation of what is today the famous look of the French capital known around the world. Under his direction, thousands of workers cut through the old Paris of dense and irregular medieval alleyways and turned it into a rationally planned city with wide avenues and open spaces that extended outwards far beyond the old city limits.

Medieval Paris of the 1200's:

Wonderful old etching of a map of medieval Paris:

Paris of the 1800's:'s_renovation_of_Paris

Fascinating information about the demographics of Paris since Gallic and Roman times to the present here:

And about Baron Haussmann himself and his urban renewal project for Paris, here:
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