Mendocino County, California
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Mendocino County in Northern California is a wild and gorgeous part of the world, inhabited for centuries by the Pomo Indian tribes. Home of the giant redwoods. Discovered by Anglo Americans during the Gold Rush of the 1850's, when the west coast became the destination of thousands of young men seeking their fortunes.

It turned out that Mendocino didn't have gold but she had some of the tallest trees ever seen on planet Earth, the giant redwoods.

A logging industry was born, but not before the United States fought Mexico over this land in the Mexican-American War, then sadly decimated the Pomo Indian population inhabiting this region during what is called the Mendocino War, rounding up the remaining few Native Americans, and forcing them onto reservations.

Setting up sawmills along the watersheds at the mouth of the rivers that wound their way through coastal mountains to the sea, timber entrepreneurs proceeded to mercilessly log the wild ridges of this beautiful coast, using teams of oxen to haul the huge logs down hillsides to the rivers where they were then floated down to the mills. The village of Mendocino and many other little hamlets became booming logging towns. During the late 1800's this timber milled in the County was then shipped down the coast to build the magnificent city of San Francisco. Timber from the Albion Watershed was used to build the Mexican railways.

As late as the 1990's the area was succumbing to intense clearcutting, despite the valiant efforts of the local communities to prevent the degradation of the region's forests, streams, and estuaries. Local communities did what they could to prevent the boom and bust business practices of national corporations who had taken over huge tracts of forestland here and destroyed entire watersheds, but the big corporate owned logging companies could outspend any and all communities in court. And they did.

The good news is that the actual coastline of Mendocino is now protected from excessive development by the California Coastal Commission and by a community of people who cherish its wild beauty.

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