Rita Crane Photography: Paris / architecture / rooftops / texture / cityscape / Le Marais / Eiffel Tower & Rooftops, Paris

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    I finally had time to develop a few more photos from my Paris archives ... and to try something new! Generally my photostream features straight photography, but looking through my images I found some that -- usually because of a flat looking sky -- didn't quite speak to me so I thought it might be fun to try adding a layer of texture to them. When possible I like to photograph at dawn, dusk, later afternoon, at night or around rainstorms because those atmospheric conditions naturally create a mood that I love, but these photos were taken at mid-day or on overcast days....and i thought: maybe these are good candidates for some kind of artistic "embellishment".

    In my next few posts, I'll share some of these shots that I decided to upload as textured. What do you think, Flickr friends? Like? Not like? Feedback is welcome.

    Enfin j'ai eu un moment pour essayer quelquechose dont j'avais envie il y a longtemps. Plusieurs de mes photos d'Europe m'attendaient passiament pour leur 'traitement texture'. Pendant les vacances de Noel j'ai eu un moment pour experimenter...et vous verez le resultat cette semaine. Voici la deuxieme photo de la serie. L premiere est si-dessous. Qu'en pensez-vous?? Est-ce que je me perd un peu trop dans cette 'fievre de texture sur Flickr' ou non?? ;0)

    Thanks to SkeletalMess for the texture: www.flickr.com/photos/skeletalmess/3539017654/

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    1. Antonis Liokouras 51 months ago | reply

      very beautiful work

    2. shinyataka 51 months ago | reply

      Great job.
      This photo took my BREATH away

      "collect 5 Green Breathtaking Awards to get a Gold Award"

    3. Frizztext 50 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ABC-visualized, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    4. moggierocket 50 months ago | reply

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    5. onkel_wart (thomas lieser) 50 months ago | reply

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      congratulations -- your picture is a winner of 500x500 Contest 220

    6. BigGuy1611 49 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Why I Love Paris, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. A guy with A camera 49 months ago | reply

      Definitely a winner!!!
      You deserve another one.
      Found in www.flickr.com/groups/mywinners/

    8. brailloni 49 months ago | reply

      Malgré que je ne cautionne pas les retouches car elles font " fin du monde ", j'admets que vous avez encore fait mouche. l'image est à la limite de la photo et de la peinture. Vous restez mon idole

    9. jver64 48 months ago | reply

      The rooftops along with the chimneys are so characteristic. Paris is great.

    10. Sam Loz 47 months ago | reply

      Magnifique photo de paris!

    11. Peeling grapes 43 months ago | reply

      205th comment !

    12. Barry O Carroll (Moved to a new account) [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

      Wonderful view and texture.

    13. Chad R. Johnson 39 months ago | reply

      I love this photo.

    14. www.marvolphotography.com 25 months ago | reply

      Where exactly did you take this photo from? I'm trying to track down what roof tops in Paris let you up there to see Paris from above. I'd really appreciate knowing :)

    15. Frizztext 25 months ago | reply

      thank you for sending your picture to my group BLOG IT!
      so I could introduce your photo in my public "P" photo archive at
      I hope that will support your work!
      greetings by frizztext!

    16. Oxiourus 17 months ago | reply

      oh wow! that is really beautiful. I am all for this type or art form, it is kind of nice to look at interpretations of the real thing. Photography really means painting with light, and today sky is the limit, we must embrace technology!

    17. Judy & Paul 6 months ago | reply

      I missed this when you first posted - it's a very appealing rooftop view of Paris, and like all of your work, an image made with great care and insight.
      Hope all is going well for you Rita!

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