• Fence is softly visible on my screen anyway (all monitors differ) is part of an old redwood fence built by the first 19th century American settlers who arrived here after the Gold Rush. Prior to that this area was inhabited by Pomo Indian tribes & divided up into huge ranchos owned by Mexico

Rita Crane Photography: Cypress Sunset Along Navarro Ridge, Albion (Mendocino County)

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description: Years ago when I first drove north along Pacific Coast Highway to visit Mendocino, I was stunned by the species of cypress that grew along the roadways and in front of old homesteads. Intense and powerful, these wild looking trees came to symbolize everything I loved about Mendocino's rugged coast as I'd never seen them anywhere else before. Here's their botanical description from Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monterey_cypress and their close cousins, found only in a few biomes along the Mendocino coast: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mendocino_cypress

This image was taken in the middle of the summer. The sun doesn't set in the West this time of year, like it does now for example (see The Road Home, Mendocino - my previous post on Flickr) ..... Rather, this view - facing the setting sun - is to the Northwest, where during high Solstice time the sun travels over the Pacific. In the bright summer afternoon light the ocean's surface becomes a blinding shining mirror. If the air is full of mist we get a most blazing glaring white sky too that takes three pairs of sunglasses to soften. !! :-)

Also, by this time of year California hills have turned characteristically golden. The juicy bright green grass that grew during the Winter and Spring rains has gotten its summer coat of soft earthy gold by May or so, and now catches the sunset's fiery glow, turning rosy and peachy. For those of us who love wilderness and nature's colors it is endlessly beautiful here. And for those of you who like history, here's a fun informative read about California en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California

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  1. Rita Crane Photography 104 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much for all your visits, Flickr-ites! Really appreciate your comments and enthusiasm. :-)

  2. vanvos 104 months ago | reply

    so beautiful atmosphere...
    as you writhe the world is beautiful
    stunning image
    thanks for kind comments
    really appreciate !
    have a good day

  3. ojoblanco 104 months ago | reply

    yes, you live in a beautiful place, no doubt! and you do nicely capture a bit of that beauty in this one. and this image is a nice example of how lovely a backlit subject can be.

    and you most certainly seem to have your plate full! i'm not sure if what you have going on up there would be easily achievable in the city, given the number of photographers trying to make it down here. but that is not said to at all minimize what you have built for yourself up there. i'm impressed that you have gotten yourself in good shape, careerwise. and i do agree with you that fair trade is a reasonable and wise way to deal with people. and it's a good way to build a faithful client base. it certainly sounds like that approach has worked well for you and it's the approach that i would take.

    as for your advice, yeah i need to get the work out there. i've had images in several local group shows but haven't gotten any shows for myself, mostly due to not figuring out where to bring my stuff to. but i have to spend a little less time making the art and a little more at figuring where to take it around to. i've printed lots of my pics and lots of them make for very nice prints. in fact i'd be happy to send a portfolio or two up to the Prentice Gallery for review, but as you know from seeing my work it's a bit more challenging for viewers than a lot of work, so i fear that lots of galleries would not be interested. (Mendocino, btw isn't that far from San Francisco in terms of me transporting framed work up there for a show, so if you'd be willing to consider it let me know)

    in any case, i have to figure out which galleries would be interested in my kind of work, because one can't be sending out images to hundreds of places. it just doesn't seem to make sense or be financially viable to send to places without any idea of what kinds of work a place shows. my work will not be of interest to galleries that only choose to display classically beautiful pictures, or pictures of nature, or places that like more traditional work. figuring out where to shop the work is what stops me. i'm clueless and i don't know if there are any resources that would give me a better idea of what different galleries specialize in showing. in addition to being in the dark about that i do have to admit that i am lazy when it comes to doing the legwork--i get the pleasure out of doing the work but am relatively pathetic when it comes to trying to promote it... on the other hand, there are countless cafes and restaurants in the city, so i should at least try some of them.

    so far i've just used the cheap, simple black metal frames, which seem okay for my work, but i think that what you say about finding the right frames is very useful, and i'm going to have to spend a little more time looking into other possibilities. i'll look at some wooden ones to see if my work would look good in them. also, experimenting with alternative ways of displaying could be a difference maker. i've thought about printing the images on canvas instead of paper, or using some other material, or not using mats but finding some other way of hanging the work, such as having them mounted and laminated, though i usually am not impressed with that look. and if i were to actually get some galleries interested i'd want to experiment with printing some images much larger than i print them now. (my printer only goes to 13 x 19" which isn't a bad size but it seems that with the complexity of much of my work that that size is the bare minimum for showing the work.

    anyway, i truly appreciate your having taken the time to tell me of how you are doing it and for your encouraging words!

  4. ojoblanco 104 months ago | reply

    hey, thanks for your quick response, rita. i take my work far too seriously to think of it as a hobby, but i do get your point about having to be willing to do the grunt work. my reticence could ultimately doom me. but anyway...

    i definitely agree with you that san francisco galleries will probably not go for it. it will be interesting to see whether LA ones will. i'd be quite content with someone down there caring enough about it. i almost think that it might do better in europe than here, but that's so damn far away, not very convenient. some work will be up in a show in barcelona at the end of october and although i do not have great expectations about selling anything in that show i'll be glad to know that it is being shown there and will hope that some people see and enjoy it. i'd love to find someone to rep the work. and of course, i wouldn't expect you to have the time for that! it sounds like with your schedule that you probably don't have enough time even for your own work! :)

    thank you very much. you've been extremely helpful!

  5. AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora 104 months ago | reply

    My screen is really bright, so I can see it perfectly!! and it's lovely!! loved the mood in this one!!

  6. Sarey* 99 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot.... this is such a beautiful area...

  7. jimheid 96 months ago | reply

    I love this photo! (This very stand of trees is not far from my house!)

    But I do believe these are Monterey Cypress, a non-native that settlers planted extensively as windbreaks up and down our coast, as you know.


    The Mendocino Cypress, I believe—and I could certainly be wrong—is the cypress primarily found in the pygmy -- hence its Latin name, Cupressus pigmaea.

    From www.fs.fed.us/database/feis/plants/tree/cupgov/all.html

    "Mendocino cypress occurs in a narrow, discontinuous strip along the Mendocino County coast known as the "Mendocino White Plains" or "pine barrens."

    But did I mention that I love this photo?! :-)

    Another view:

    Mendocino Morning

  8. Judy & Paul 90 months ago | reply

    A wonderful Mendocino Coast sunset Rita! The cypress, the golden grasses, the coastal fence - lovely! I enjoy reading your descriptions of your feelings about the scenes you photograph and the good information you share as well as viewing your beautiful work..

  9. paprtala 90 months ago | reply

    For choice I would put all your works to the "Favorite"!Gorgeous!

  10. listenlizzie 83 months ago | reply

    This is fantastic :)

  11. vivshots2008 79 months ago | reply

    I like this photo it made me stop and look!!! not easy to do.
    You have been invited to add this wonderful image to
    Nature As Photographic Art/Invite Only

    Please remember to make one comment.

  12. Dead Air 68 months ago | reply

    I feel I REALLY wish I was there. (from the Feelings Not Technique group)

  13. Hurith 68 months ago | reply

    I feel a touch of magic.
    (from the Feelings Not Technique group)

  14. Sonja* 68 months ago | reply

    Misty magic...
    I feel warm___ (from the Feelings Not Technique group)

  15. G0Da 68 months ago | reply

    I feel pure solace (from the Feelings Not Technique group)

  16. Liberty Place 68 months ago | reply

    I feel the goods vibes of the end of a nice day (from the Feelings Not Technique group)

  17. David C. Foster 58 months ago | reply

    Excellent photo and we’d love to have it added to: “All about Trees, Arboriculture, and Tree Care” www.flickr.com/groups/1477156@N22/ and any other photo that fits the description of our group.



  18. melcir.meri 50 months ago | reply

    Appealing shot, Rita. -- It is NOT enough that we appreciate Nature.
    We must NOW fully protect animals and the environment.
    The EARTH needs the re-planting of millions of trees to survive.
    Promote and guide EARTHCARE, with local re-greening of EARTH!!!
    Invite eco-groups, schools, etc. to animal care & tree-planting days!!!
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  19. nalo.soul 35 months ago | reply

    Poetic moment !!

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