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Rita Crane Photography: Tour Eiffel & Eglise Americaine at Dusk, Paris

Dear Flickr Friends, Here is my third postcard from Paris for you, in this series of One Postcard a Day. [Je venais d'avoir fait la photo ci-dessous, je me baladais le long des quais, la lumiere douce du crepuscule arrivait gentillement....je me suis retourne'. Oui, il etait bien le temps de faire une autre photo. Alors, trois "tours", la balustrade du Pont des Invalides, un bateau mouche presque invisible, et les arbres qui nous montraient leur feuilles tendres d'un printemps qui approchait. Vite, je me suis positionee au milieu du Pont des Invalides lorsqu'il n'y avait pas de voitures....et ............Click!!! Voila! Carte postale de Paris! ]


"We just went to see the Tour Eiffel, and I got a shot of it (see below) in the last glow of sunset from under that amazing structure. I have seen it from the base during other visits to Paris, but each time it impresses me all over again, as it is WAY bigger than one could ever imagine,and so beautifully delicate in its fine details. It truly is just like something out of a fairytale or science fiction movie.


Wanting to watch the city change colors as night approached, we walked along the Seine on the Quai d'Orsay. Since the light was getting interesting, we crossed onto the Pont des Invalides, waited until no cars were coming and I stood in the middle of the bridge to get this view of the Eiffel Tower looming from behind that interesting layer of apartments. I had no idea WHAT that church to its left might be at the time (it's the first American church ever built in Paris - in the early 1900's), but I loved the variety of architecture here, including the humble lampost.


This and several other shots made me realize that it was time to buy a tripod since I most prefer taking pictures in the evening and early morning hours when the colors of the world are rich and atmospheric, but in this case it meant a high ISO because the camera was handheld to shoot. I've used some smart blur to soften the textured quality in the trees. Dusk was quickly approaching and it promised to be a beautiful night, with just a hint of Spring in the air.


The picture below is the photo of the Eiffel Tower I had taken just 30 minutes before, as the sun was just setting! Tomorrow I'll post the picture I took a half hour after this one."


Wish you were here! =) - Rita

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Taken on March 26, 2005