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Rita Crane Photography: Little Dog & Bicycle, Florence

There are four photos at this post, of our furry friends. ^_^


DESCRIPTION: One morning, on the way to see the Casa Buonarotti in Florence, (which by the way is another treasure worth visiting) this little dog grabbed my attention. For about an hour I watched him patrol the front of his owner's import store. He'd chase after cars for several meters down the street barking away, then trot truimphantly back to guard the front of the shop. He didn't seem to mind that I was standing quietly across the street watching him. At one point he quietly trotted over to say hello and check me out, then resumed his important duties, chasing and barking, and returning to his storefront. I took several shots of him.


It was when he headed towards the shop next door where the smells of fresh sandwiches and pastries were clearly attracting him - and a shopper parked her bike in the street - that I got really excited!! Okay, I thought, at some point we are gonna have a super little picture if this cutie cooperates and gives us a smile. :o)


So for some time I watched him very carefully, camera poised. He would go into the cafe, saunter towards the counter, and be told to leave....which he did, albeit very very slowly. ;^) Then he would have a couple rounds of chasing cars and barking, and return to the bakery for yet another little look and mournful sniff. After getting kicked out of the bakery for the 7th time, he turned calmly towards the camera, where I was intently watching him. I held my breath hoping he'd stand still just long enough....and.....



Thank you so much little dog! =)


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Taken on March 6, 2007