Crossed fingers II

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    Series. 2006

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    1. Mademoiselle Frost ages ago | reply

      well i have to say, i'm a fan of your crossed fingers series. it is an interessting theme you realised it in a kind of sad but beautiful way. in these pictures are the bitter truth, that everybody may be a dishonest in a relationship. well done!

    2. Katie Tegtmeyer ages ago | reply

      pistola, you have realized and felt exactly what I hoped viewers would, you have made my week!

    3. cyberchaos ages ago | reply

      I love the crossed fingers series too. Thought provoking. Here he is absent, yet, initially, I assumed she was present, in spite of the fact that I couldn't see her face. They could be mutually insincere, after all... Interesting.

    4. esther míguez ages ago | reply

      Well, we are accustomed to show honest and fond feelings but not everybody manages to express disloyalty so perfectly as you did!!! Congrats :-)

    5. csevengo ages ago | reply

      Rated a 5/10 at the Ratings group

    6. pinkafterglow ages ago | reply

      Rated a 8/10 at the Ratings group.

      That's funny.

    7. vetlife2005 ages ago | reply

      wonderful !

    8. uva98 ages ago | reply


    9. sictransitgloria 106 months ago | reply

      You've been memed! Your beautiful picture inspired My Meme this week!

    10. Kieran Farnes 79 months ago | reply

      I like what you've done with this photo. Can I just ask who the guy is in the photo, because a friend of mine showed me this photo and the guy looks like just me lol.

    11. athomemagazine 78 months ago | reply

      Hi! Thanks for giving this photo a Creative Commons. We have used it in a blog post here:

      At Home Magazine

    12. hangzhoubelle 78 months ago | reply

      this is PERFECT! going to use it in a blog article. i'll send you the link when i get it up! thank you for this!

    13. hangzhoubelle 78 months ago | reply

      oooo! it will be up on Dec. 15 at

      sorry. forgot i had a bunch scheduled to post. but really, this is about the coolest photo!

    14. Katie Tegtmeyer 78 months ago | reply

      @Kieran Farnes - the photograph is of my best friend and her boyfriend. The shot was made several years ago while still in college and I'm happy to say they are still together and very much in love!
      @hangzhoubelle - thank you for your kind words, I am excited to see the blog on the 15th. Thank you for using my photograph to aid in your article!

    15. Kieran Farnes 77 months ago | reply

      And good luck to them for the future :) Could I ask, what is his name? Plus, do you have any other shots of him? As in this photo he looks just like me, but I can only see half of his face.

    16. Katie Tegtmeyer 77 months ago | reply

      his name is Mark and sadly I do not have other shots with him in it. I'm happy to announce that on Christmas Eve he proposed and they are happily engaged!

    17. <DareDevil> 64 months ago | reply

      Nice photo, thanks for sharing it under creative commons! I have used it on this webpage:

      Is it cheating if I kiss another guy in Truth or Dare?

      Along with attribution to you and a link back here.

    18. nitay141 27 months ago | reply

      Katie Thank you very mach for the image, I use it here:
      Open Relationship ? YES OR NO ? ?

    19. Fey_dM 11 months ago | reply

      Hello, really nice image! I really liked it and recently used it in a post for my blog, here:

      "The Other Woman"

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