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91/100 Strangers.

Headed up towards town this afternoon as there are normally more people around there than nearer home. I stopped and asked a woman, but she said no, but asked her boss who also said no, but I had an interesting chat with them. They wished me luck and I continued my search. I was in two minds in which direction to go when I saw my stranger N°91 walking up the hill, so I walked down and asked if she had a moment or two.


I explained the ideas behind the project and assured her that she didn't have to buy anything and she said that, that was even better. She agreed to have her photo taken and to give me some information about herself. The shop windows weren't very exciting so although I don't like taking my strangers against the background of the road, it was better than the shops.


Meet Christine, she's a 56 year old shop sales woman working in a jewellery shop in town. She was born in the Nogent region of France and grew up in Paris. When I asked her what were her origins she said she didn't know as they were all so mixed up! She has been living in Etampes for 8 years and is married with two children. When she's not working she enjoys gardening and cooking. I asked if she cooked just French recipes and she said no everything.


I took five photos of Christine and we looked though them after I'd finished, she said that they were all OK, other than one which we both agreed wasn't any good, which was my fault. She was so easy to talk to and was interested in what I was doing. Throughout the time I'd spent explaining the project she never stopped smiling and held great eye contact. Once I held the camera up the smile went. I stopped and said she had been smiling before, so where had it gone?!


Out of the four photos that were OK I preferred the one where she's half turned away, but also like the photo (in comments) where the smile reappeared. I gave her my card so she can look for her photo. A really warm stranger.

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Merci beaucoup Christine.

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Taken on April 3, 2012