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Boreal Corona

I SHOUTED THE FULL MIGHT OF MY LUNGS during this northern light show. It was so magnificent and so gigantic! Words cannot describe it at all. There's no way. There's just no way.


Driving home after touring for more than a week all around Iceland, our eyes were fixed to the sky. Would we get another aurora display before the trip is over? And so it did!


The driver pulled over to the next road. That road was nothing more and nothing less that the one leading to Urriðafoss, an impressive waterfal. Pity you can hardly see it on this shot :)


Quite a few times a corona opened in the sky just above our heads. Not even with a fish-eye lens could I capture half of what was happening up there, in a way that the image would do justice to the aurora's enormous proportions. Auroras dance between 90 and 130 km above our heads. And the Northern and Southern Lights are twins - they occur simultaneously and are almost mirror images of each other.


We got the best of it. The timing and location were perfect.


Now the boring part, the technical side. This shot was taken with a Zuiko 8mm fish-eye, which I borrowed. Of course, I had to borrow the camera too. I wouldn't even dream of attaching this fantastic lens to my Canon, as I want the 4:3 ratio of Olympus (for a fish eye image; it fits better than in a 3:2 ratio) But the camera's ISO is not the best - it's an older model. Well, at least this time I found the raw setting!


Really dark out there. We had new moon, I think, or just almost. Not my favorite conditions, but I can't complain anyway.


I wish that everybody could see displays like this one day.


ISO 1600 ; f/3.5 ; 30 sec ; @8mm

Almost new moon.


This one also made it to Explore.

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Taken on September 26, 2011