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Precious Resource

Active Assignment for the week of April 20th to 27th: Go Green


"You must have noticed by now how everything is going green and environment friendly these days. From big corporations to the shopper who asks for a paper bag instead of a plastic one. Here's your invite to jump onto the band wagon.


The assignment this week is to take a picture advertising this initiative. You could choose to make a poster, showcase the beauty of a green world, or come up with a doomsday picture to prick our conscience."


Dare: Take a shot at the assignment without having green as the prominent colour of the picture.


Restriction: Try not to have any human made object as a prominent part of your composition.


Mark Twain once said "Whiskey is for drinking, water's for fighting." A precious and diminishing resource in nearly every corner of the globe, fresh, clean water is not something to take for granted.


WIT: I decided to go with the poster concept for this submission. Over my luch hour, I stopped by a stream and took this shot of rippling blue water. Once out of the camera, I straighted the shot a bit and applied some sharpening and contrast modification. The next things were to change the size of the canvas (with a black background), add a white frame around the water, add the text, and finally make the red "X." I am hoping the minimalist approach gets the point across.


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Taken on April 22, 2009