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Old Gas Pump - Can you Date the Price?

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The fixed title reads "cents per gallon" - yeah right. And the last recorded price: 48 cents. Any idea when this thing was deserted?

  1. rybesh 84 months ago | reply

    Actually, when I was in high school in Atlanta 14-15 years ago, I remember paying 85 cents a gallon. Hard to believe now.

  2. Flickmor 84 months ago | reply

    OK, so we have an upper bound: 1994. Can we do better?

  3. aymanshamma 84 months ago | reply

    1991 in Pensacola, 95c/gal.

  4. Flickmor 84 months ago | reply

    Only those numbers refute the claims of Ayman and Ryan, above (unless gas in the South was 25% cheaper than average in the 90s - I guess that could be true...).

  5. bentley79 84 months ago | reply

    I remember that 1998 in WI it was 95 cents, but that was a bit of a fluke. A few weeks later it was back to $1.20. We tend to remember the low prices, but not the averages.

  6. Flickmor 84 months ago | reply

    Now that's an observation that has some backing in Memory research: people sometimes remember "exceptions" better - but, as far as I know, not under all circumstances/tests. At least people expect to remember them better. But I am not sure that theory applies to oil prices...

  7. mathteacher... 84 months ago | reply

    Tooooo long ago......we never expected it to go over $1....& thought we would refuse to pay it. Ha.
    I do like this old pump you found....the rust is great!

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