Windows 7 Toshiba Netbook competition - Dummies
In collaboration with our friends from Wiley (publishers of the fabulous For Dummies books) we're giving away a superb Windows 7 Toshiba Netbook!

So, how on earth can you win this fabulous prize!? Well, I want you to send me a photograph of you or a friend holding a For Dummies book and engaged in the activity that the Dummies book is helping you to learn!

You could, for example, send me a photo of you strumming away on your guitar with your copy of Guitar for Dummies propped up on your music stand... Or a photograph of you on the phone with a copy of Running a Business for Dummies on the desk in front of you looking suitably business-like (or just perplexed!)

Oh, and if you don't have a For Dummies book, you can always mock-up your own book cover and send in a photo of that...
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