patterned "spread" hex tile fold

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    I used some nicer patterned paper to do this fold. Following Owesen's suggestion(s) I used actual hexagonal paper rather than square- once I got over the "impure" feeling of it, it folded together nicely.

    Diagrams for this model are available here:

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    1. EricGjerde 112 months ago | reply

      yes, it's not a very large piece at all. I continue to be amazed that it is my "most interesting picture" by far.

      this was my first tessellation design, and I think it remains one of my favorites. it's one of the easiest to learn, too.

    2. *Ivan* 110 months ago | reply

      Thank you for adding this shot to the interestingness pool

    3. EricGjerde 110 months ago | reply

      Hey, I'm glad to finally be in the top 10! Thank you!

    4. *Sherry* 110 months ago | reply

      One of my favs... looks just like forresto's fifty-five stacked hexagons, but with great choice of paper...

    5. EricGjerde 110 months ago | reply

      I might be inclined to say that Forrest's stacked hexagons look just like mine :)

      It's a good paper for this design, indeed!

    6. fo.ol 110 months ago | reply

      And you would be right
      ( ^_^) ... my patterned biznass is after this too.

    7. EricGjerde 110 months ago | reply

      you still are the #1 globetrotter, forrest!

      RadiantDawn, it's diagrammed on my website-

    8. bigk2356 107 months ago | reply

      today i made the first 2 layers...
      im not quite sure how to make the 3rd layer though...

    9. EricGjerde 107 months ago | reply

      working on a new CP for this one today!

    10. bigk2356 107 months ago | reply

      basically i fooled around trying to make the shape work without having to create extra creases...

      so it would be cool if i could see the new CP!!!!!

    11. bigk2356 107 months ago | reply

      wheee i made a square one!
      how many triangles long was your square before you turned it into a hexagon?

    12. entelepentele 94 months ago | reply


    13. ee-tee [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      He-he. I chuckled at your non-square paper 'impure' hang-up...
      And your first tessellation design? Fantastic and noteworthy! You ought to have it stuffed and mounted above the fireplace.

    14. EricGjerde 94 months ago | reply

      Thankfully I've gotten over that hang-up, only to move on to new ones :)

      This pattern was my first original tessellation design, or at least the first interesting one. I'm still pretty happy with it- this piece is framed in a shadowbox and is hanging in our living room.

      This was the one design that I insisted had to be in my book, because it holds such a special place in my heart! Although I now know that other people have created similar models in the past. (How could it be avoided? it's just a triangular grid with ordered pleats.)

      If I had a fireplace, I'd think about mounting it there... however, paper art + fireplaces aren't always themes that I like to mix :)

    15. SerialCoder 93 months ago | reply

      This image has been added to the Flickr Museum for making explore's top 25. Kudos! You can check it out HERE...

    16. MyCult 87 months ago | reply

      Wow, thats a definite skill you have there. Makes me feel a little guilty. But keep up the good work, fantastic photo

    17. Emy SaTi 65 months ago | reply


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