Waterbomb tessellation

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    Going through some old files, and I found this shot of the "extended version" of the waterbomb tessellation from my book.

    This was before I wetted it and pressed it underneath books to make it flat - prior to that it was curling up into a cylinder like this, completely uncontrollably... problematic!

    Sharing the photo because I haven't folded anything in a long while.

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    1. Anitza V 80 months ago | reply

      I thought it was a pineapple from the thumbnail!

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    2. d_effekt 80 months ago | reply

      wow impressive!

    3. Oruhito 80 months ago | reply

      wonderful. I agree with bryanboyer - it looks awesome the way it is.

    4. AGeekMom 80 months ago | reply

      Very beautiful in its own right. Will have to peruse more of your stream. I can scarcely fold a paper airplane, but am amazed by origami and other creations of similar complexity.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    5. *audreysmith* 80 months ago | reply

      I like this all curled up.

    6. floragami 80 months ago | reply

      I though it was a pine cone. It's great - use it in your Thanksgiving decorations!

    7. ttsan 80 months ago | reply

      It's great. Firstly, I think about the pineapple. I like testellation very much but I haven't tried any because it needs so much time and precision to do. I hope I will fold some in the future.

    8. En Why See 80 months ago | reply

      Whoa, don't let that thing hatch!

    9. EricGjerde 80 months ago | reply

      Wow, so many comments... thanks everyone!

      I did like this model when it was all curled up, although it made folding extremely difficult... the curvature these shapes take on when folded on a larger scale becomes very difficult to manage. I think it was one of the hardest models to fold in my entire book, due to the scale of it. Not sure I would want to do that again :)

      Here's what it looks like flattened out and backlit:

      Waterbomb Tessellation

      But it's high time that I started playing with more three-dimensional pieces; I had a burst of 3D creativity about two years ago but not a lot has happened since then. I think we all go through phases of artistic ups and downs, and I'm in a particularly deep trough at the moment. Let's hope things improve heading into wintertime. (Winter in Minnesota is an especially good time to focus on indoor projects...)

      I'm always fascinated by what people find interesting, curious to see how many people favorited and commented on this photo. It's good for me to see how other people perceive my work. I realize that I don't look at the images objectively. Thanks again for your feedback!

    10. LorenzoMarchi 80 months ago | reply

      I'm following the pineapple fashion :D really nice one Eric

    11. Lígia Rocha 80 months ago | reply


    12. englishcookies 78 months ago | reply

      I love in in 3D : it is like a pin cone !!!
      Unbeleivable ! Do you have the pattern available somewhere?
      I am very curious now to know how you get to do this beauty.

    13. EricGjerde 78 months ago | reply

      there are instructions and some diagrams for this model in my book:

      Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs

      I think there are some instructions floating around the web as well, but I am pretty pleased with the instructions we came up with for the book, so I'm going to point to that as a reference :)

      (it is quite easy to fold, it's really just the scrunching-together part that can be a bit fussy.)

    14. englishcookies 78 months ago | reply

      Thanks a lot, Eric, for your quick reply.
      I am going to get that book soon or later ;D

    15. artenapraia 70 months ago | reply

      Fantastic. How long does it take to be done?

    16. EricGjerde 70 months ago | reply

      This particular one took quite a while... the larger the pattern (this was I think a 64-square grid) the longer it takes, the more lines the harder it gets.

      Mostly due to the extremely strong curvature involved, it becomes very unwieldy to fold in a traditional manner.

      I do know that pattern/pleat makers use large forms to make this same design, but I think it's a different way of making it. I'm interested in learning all about it!

    17. lexly87 aka Duc N. Ly 68 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called folding papers plane origami, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. Mazrocon 64 months ago | reply

      How do you get the squares to line up so close together like that. I did mine with a 16x16 square grid and it looks nice, but it wants to extend out and it ends up looking like a pillow. I didn't get my paper wet at all, is that what you are supposed to do?

    19. pardalote flits 63 months ago | reply

      This is so beautiful - thank you for sharing it.

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