Latest work from Danilo, my Chilean tessellation friend!

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    I received these beautiful photos via email last week from my friend Danilo (who's work I have featured here several times before). He's a member of Origami Chile, and folds wonderful tessellations.

    This particular piece is quite large! He says that there were many sources of inspiration for this work. I can see a number of influences here, ranging from Roberto Gretter to Ralf Konrad to Fredrik Owesen to Melisande and more. I'm not entirely sure who inspired him, but there's definitely a lot of self-discovery that went into this model as well- it takes a lot of work to figure out patterns like this!

    Beautiful work, Danilo, and thank you for sharing it with me!

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    1. bigk2356 109 months ago | reply

      now this is amazing!
      wow... is that all one giant sheet of paper?

    2. Mélisande* 109 months ago | reply

      Danilo definately has quite amazing skills !
      His work has architectural features.

      Debatting about influences is pointless here, I think. This star shape is potentially embedded into any hexagonal grid, we know several people discovered it independentely (or experienced convergent evolution, as Joel would say)

    3. EricGjerde 109 months ago | reply

      @kevin: yes, it's one large sheet of paper. he works with pretty big pieces of paper, from what I have seen so far.

      @Melisande: His work has been continually improving each time he sends me something- so each time, I am amazed all over again at the growth in his folding repertoire.

      Indeed, discussing possible (known and unknown) influences is rather silly for basic geometric shapes. I would not have mentioned the "multiple inspirations" phrase if it was not something he said in his email- just passing along his thoughts (or I hope I am, anyway, but I could be wrong!)

      I think many of our designs, collectively, are bound to be discovered by anyone folding paper into a grid of equilateral triangles. It's unavoidable to a certain extent. So getting too caught up in who did what first is almost a waste of effort here.

      Of course we've all had this discussion before :)

    4. *audreysmith* 109 months ago | reply

      Wow. I'm thinking about the time that went into all of that!

    5. EricGjerde 109 months ago | reply

      yep, we tessellation folders are all about time & more time... it's not a fast art.

      not that much different than what you do, though- I would have to imagine your works take a whole lot longer, and on top of all that you need to wait for things to dry!

      I like getting email from Danilo, it's always interesting!

    6. cati1ine 109 months ago | reply

      Good heavens. That really needs to be framed and mounted and lit to show off its structure. That's gorgeous.

    7. EricGjerde 109 months ago | reply

      I'll point him out to all your comments! thank you!

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