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Save Us Batman, You're Our Only Hope

Stalker barks orders at his team when Batman finds a computer terminal. There is a new urgency in Stalker's tone.


Stalker: Up that hill! Somethin's coming but we got no turning back! No place to go!


Lowlight, Lady Jaye and Agent Faces let out a cry of 'Yo Joe' before making their way up the steep incline to the exit of the cave! Jinx hangs back and is met by a quick glance from the Dark Knight.


Batman: Stalker gave an order. You'd better go.


Jinx: We both know what's coming Batman. My throwing stars aren't going to help. But I'll do what I can. Taking out any ground troops. Just... be careful, ok?


Batman turns once more, this time holding Jinx's look.


Batman: I will. I'll be coming back for you.


Jinx turns to run as the giant robot Constructicon Maximus appears through the hazed light of the mouth of he cave! Stalker turns to Batman.


Stalker: Do what it takes, Batman. These caves don't make no sense. Find what you can on that computer and ESCAPE! You get that? Don't be goin' all superhero on this one! You escape and get back to Clooney! You hear me Batman? You hear me??


Batman turns his head slightly, but fails to meet Stalker's glance.


Batman: I hear you.


The sound of gunfire fills the cavern until it is overrun by the roar of the giant Cobra-created Decepticon!

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Taken on February 12, 2005