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Bonjour Frenchy | by Dudesnbots
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Bonjour Frenchy

Slowly, Destro's hired mercenary codenamed: Wraith, awakens from the Joker's punch to his face. He finds himself tied to a tree with swamp-vines and much closer to the blade of Storm Shadow than he is comfortable with.


Wraith: 'Mon dieu!'


Joker: 'Ah, bonjour, Frenchy. I didn't think I hit you that hard. It worked out fine though. We needed enough time to tie you up nice and secure-like. And guess who came back from spying on the Decepticons? Why it's everyone's favourite ninja-clone and my personal friend, Storm Shadow! He's told us all about Megatron's plans, Frenchy, and you know what? Meantime isn't even on Earth anymore! He's with Soundwave and on his way to Cybertron! It looks like we missed our boat, huh?'


Wraith struggles to focus on the Joker.


Wraith: 'Mon amis... I have no idea what you are talking about.'


Joker: 'Is that so?'


Suddenly the Joker leaps toward the restrained mercenary and delivers a vile head butt!


Joker: 'I'm out of time here, Frenchy, and I have no patience left! You're gonna tell me where your buddy Lamprey is, or I'm gonna slit your throat myself! You hear me? I'm gonna slit your freakin' throat!'


Wraith find himself suddenly very aware of his surroundings!


Wraith: 'Ok, you win. While the Lamprey and I were in the cave, I programmed him to meet me at a rendez-vous point. I... I can take you to it.'


Joker: 'Cut him down, Stormy. Bludd, let's go.'


As Storm Shadow cuts the swamp-vines, Bludd eyes the Joker with caution.

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Taken on June 10, 2011