driving is fun (it pays well too!)

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This photo was shot on Main Street in Concord, NH. I placed my camera on a tripod and then jammed its legs between the two front seats. I was sitting at a red light, and as it turned green, I clicked the shutter. The exposure was 8 sec. with an f-stop of 2.8. The "film speed" is 100, as I think that speed produces deeper colors and less noise. I also was using Noise Reduction.

I had made several passes of this strip of Main Street because that's where the best crazy-bright, yellow sodium lights are. I was playing with different exposures and waiting to pulled over by one of Concord's finest - or most bored. I saw a few cops, but was not stopped.

I knew this was the picture I was after as soon as I took it.

This photo was in the March (2006) edition of Popular Photography. It is the featured photo in the "You Can Do It" section (pgs. 41-43.

It's the first photo I've ever sold.

Update: 28-March-2010
I've started playing around with this technique again, but this time, on a bike.

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  1. hiddenscotland 42 months ago | reply

    Awesome pic, especially because its a VW. Hopefully a GTI like I have ;)

  2. jacob.pix 42 months ago | reply

    awesome shot!

  3. Alfaholic Studios 42 months ago | reply

    Nice photo, just not so fun car to drive...

  4. EyezOfAChild 41 months ago | reply

    phenomenal picture!

  5. Quim Castilla 41 months ago | reply

    Stunning work, it's really an amazing shot!!

  6. dishachatterjee 40 months ago | reply

    this is super cool!

  7. KaufmanTrailers [deleted] 29 months ago | reply

    The little tagged guy is dancing.

  8. johan.ostling76 27 months ago | reply

    Wow like from a computer game

  9. Enea29 20 months ago | reply

    Very nice

  10. petalpusher61 19 months ago | reply

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  11. LuzAzur 15 months ago | reply

    Very smart, well done !

  12. yuppin 14 months ago | reply

    good wow!

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