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The Old Testament and the Adytum. | by Hamed Saber
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The Old Testament and the Adytum.

Mullah Jacub's Synagogue, Isfahan, Iran.

This synagogue is made about 600 years ago.


The Hebrew testament is written in gazelle leather.


Some people sent me emails about "Are you advertising Israel?" or "Do you accept Israel?" etc.

I'd better to write down the answer here, before others try to send me such emails!

No, I do not accept Israeli Regime, but I think Israelian people are human, like others, and have the normal social rights as others!

Of course this image is not related to Israel at all! This is a synagogue, a place to worship God or what ever you call him/her, Allah, Yehovah, Elohim ...

I do respect Jews, as other religius peoples!

And to my Muslim friends who asked me to remove this shot:

I won't do so! We (Jews and Muslims) both worship the same God! We (Muslims) must respect their prophet Moses (p.b.u.h.), because he's respected by our prophet and our holy Quran!


Edit (2007/04/28): Check my peace group: Israel-Iran-Palestine


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