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    it was the changing of the signs, that keept her going.

    illustration friday. reinvent.

    1. Sylvia...Sometimes ages ago | reply

      very interesting one here, sriber!

    2. mary04 ages ago | reply

      Lovely and mysterious.....I like it how the drawing seems to be in a book....

    3. Dmtr.org ages ago | reply


    4. ssh ages ago | reply

      I agree with sylvia..

    5. diggle ages ago | reply

      she looks assured

    6. Cindy Woods ages ago | reply

      beautiful, like the wonderful transparent shapes with the line work, and that she's "walking off" the page ! the shapes done with watercolor or is that tissue paper ?

    7. .susanne ages ago | reply

      thanks for comments and visiting, everyone :)

      bluecin, i only did the drawings by hand, the colors are added on the computer. the picture is made from different rest pictures, that suddently seemed to fit together. the effect of tissue paper, is something i made long time ago, with stretching a layer of something and adding it different filters, i think :D
      the transparency of the colors are made by setting the color to lesser than 100% :D

    8. eyecatcher ages ago | reply

      I like your illustrations very much. They lift my spirits!

    9. R.bean ages ago | reply

      mmm, you may have inspired the spawn of an analog cousin.. cha cha cha!

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