Embracing Sci-Fi Futures

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    reaching into the future today with the Autodesk IDEAS 2013 Workshop at NASA Ames:

    "The worlds envisioned by science fiction have entertained generations of readers and movie-goers for over a century. These same words have inspired scientists, inventors, explorers and entrepreneurs to repeatedly push against the boundaries of possibility. Ideas once thought fanciful—deep ocean and space explorations, AI, even nanotechnology and synthetic biology—now form the backdrop of our everyday lives.

    Today, as exponentially growing technologies demonstrate almost daily how invention is only limited by our imaginations, we can realistically ask the question, “now that we can do anything, what will we do?”, or, more thoughtfully, “what should design imagine?”

    In consideration thereof, Autodesk is gathering a diverse and notable group of thinkers and doers—including renowned science fiction authors, designers, inventors and entrepreneurs—to contemplate and better understand this rapidly shrinking gap between imagination and tangible reality.

    Join us for a journey into the nature of imagination and the limits and biases of our concepts of the future. As we envision different futures based on traditional and emerging science fiction themes, we’ll consider what design (and the technologies that support design) might do to harness the power of increasing possibilities."

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    1. rass999 denis laframboise 67 months ago | reply

      Cool robot. Because I was first in my class in 1963, my father bought me one....a thousand times smaller.
      Finished that cool work with that photo of yours. Had a lot of pleasure doing it and I am sorry I had to tear your close and shoes. I put it in my stream but if you don't agree, just tell me and I will take it out. Sending you the original by e.mail. Hope you like it.


    2. scleroplex 67 months ago | reply

      that instagram of you is super :-)

    3. seatonsnet 67 months ago | reply

      Have you read Jason Lanier's latest? I would really be interested in your take.

    4. jurvetson 67 months ago | reply

      Do you mean the Salon piece "The Internet destroyed the middle class"? Not yet, will read.

      Just last night I enjoyed the Mother Jones article "Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don't Fire Us" which seems related.


      "You have to know the past to understand the present."
      — Carl Sagan

      “You have to be present if you wish to experience the future.”
      — Autodesk IDEAS invite

    5. Kaets Ebut 66 months ago | reply

      I just noticed that Robot is wearing a metal thong. Danger, Will Robinson!

    6. jurvetson 56 months ago | reply

      That would be an iron maiden. =) Intel's Futurist

      Bart Nagel's Instagram of me...
      Bart Nagel's Instagram of me

      Banner and opera interlude...
      IDEAS_The_Innovation_Design_Series_150x221 Ideas Opera Singer

      And more photos of the Byologyc bio-panic....

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