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Happy Fourth of July from Validation Prototype 9 at Tesla HQ (night view)

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  1. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 93 months ago | reply

    The blue light with the fuel Gasoline 's Pump, makes me think of Sentinels in Matrix .Looking, exploring this strange "4 wheel' s ship : )

  2. aminorjourney 93 months ago | reply

    Awesome photo. Declare Independence from oil!

  3. nels1 93 months ago | reply

    i think it's secretly a car version of this. :)

  4. msamaclean © 93 months ago | reply

    The Tesla proves the point , we CAN do it without all that oil! Great photo! ;-)

  5. aminorjourney 93 months ago | reply

    Exactly :)

    Now, if I could figure out a way of doing the same with my EV...

  6. Todd Huffman 93 months ago | reply

    And you are getting one? I wanna go for a ride!

  7. Ramones Karaoke 93 months ago | reply

    Not entirely sure that the inherently inefficient process of burning fossil fuels to boil water to rotate steam turbines to pass conductors through a magnetic field to generate electricity to store in lithium batteries to power a 2-seater sports car is truly making anyone independent of oil - but it's a sweet car. And technically brilliant. Alarmingly reminiscent of the 2nd generation Elise I used to own, from which bits used to drop regularly - but a sweet car nonetheless.

    Now, despite my big dose of cynicism (blame it on 12 hours of pampered rock stars pretending to care during Live Earth), this would make an amazing Summer car in Austria - lots of unpolluting hydroelectric power and awesome, twisty mountain roads to justify its performance and handling.

  8. jurvetson 93 months ago | reply

    good points. The folks I know who have these cars on order (including the small Google fleet) are going to use solar panels to charge them, bringing the marginal cost to zero. And for others, they will charge during off-peak hours and benefit from grid upgrades over time (i.e., there is a certain flexibility afforded by having vehicles running off electricity. As society migrates to modern grid technologies, from solar to nuclear, the fleet of vehicles goes along for the ride).

  9. Ramones Karaoke 93 months ago | reply

    ... oh that the solar panel trick would work here in the UK. I do like the idea of a 'small Google fleet' of these - makes the Segways whipping in and out of the reception at Infinite Loop seem so last century! Strange thought - it will make for an uncannily quiet track day when they get used in earnest.

  10. FoTo FeVeR 93 months ago | reply

    well with all the sun here in asia, solar panels are sure handy-
    me and a friend have been trying to tech-economically work out a solar panel,battery operated paramotor -also wud be fun to take it over to see egypt! :)

  11. Jim Rees 93 months ago | reply

    Tesla's web site has lots of numbers that they claim show these cars to be much more efficient than the standard gas burning type. They measure efficiency in what they call "well to wheel" which just means they consider all energy costs, including those transporting and storing the energy.

    I'm still skeptical of their numbers, but I give them credit for not glossing over the inefficiencies of the electrical energy production and transportation system.

  12. movito 93 months ago | reply

    Burning petroleum a generator like those found at power plants yields more energy than an internal combustion engine. For me, though, the inherent efficiency of the drivetrain itself (e.g. no motor running and wasting fuel at red lights) is the best part of the deal.

    Solar panels won't do much good in Norway during winter, but at least we get a good portion of our electricity from hydroelectric power plants. I do suspect, though, that the moment I bring a Tesla into this country the government will invent some new tariff for it, just because it looks so great (EVs are exempt from the normal car tariffs here, in an effort to speed adoption)

    I'm oh so very glad that we've managed to disconnect environmental concern from the tired old ascetic/forced simplicity/anti-tech stance. The Tesla's the best proof so far of a new direction for all things green.

  13. outopian 89 months ago | reply

    It's no coincidence that it looks like a Lotus Elise, The two cars share designers. Tesla actually had to sign a no poaching deal with Lotus. They were getting so much interest from Lotuses engineers.

  14. TEG2 89 months ago | reply

    Are you sure that car was VP9, not VP1 ???

    I think VP9 is "Electric Blue", and this photo looks like VP1 "Signature Green" ("JBs test car")

  15. jurvetson 89 months ago | reply

    good question. This one is Signature Green, and the electric blue one was off to the left. I thought Mike said this one had just arrived (and had the latest logo, headlights, etc.) but maybe he was talking about another vehicle. Wasn't VP1 a bit more unfinished?

  16. Global Spook 81 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called All Things Carbon Fiber, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. Paynt Ball 74 months ago | reply

    I took advantage of Creative Commons and used this photo to illustrate a blog post on California tail pipe emissions at Super Eco. Thank you!

  18. Jim Rees 33 months ago | reply

    Does your Model S have a Tesla connector or a J1772? Their web site is vague on this point.

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