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SOPA Soap Opera

Media lobbyists seem to know no bounds. With a steady stream of successes under their belt, perhaps they have gone too far.


I remember when Lessig took them to the Supreme Court last time on the Mickey Mouse act, and lost, again. Every time Mickey Mouse comes up for expiration of copyright, Congress somehow finds a reason to extend the length of copyright.


Then there was the DMCA. That has been a frustrating exercise for me as lawyers working for Dreamworks and will,i,am have pulled down media that they don’t like from my flickr and youtube streams, with no justification or legal basis. One of my Obama photos was even used by Lessig to fight the AP on fair use.


Then I read in Lessig’s latest book on the corruption of Congress that he faced $1 billion lobbying against him.


“Since 1995, Congress has enacted 32 different statutes to further refine and strengthen the protection of copyright.” (56)


“Between 1998 and 2010, pro-copyright reformers were outspent by anti-reformers by $1.3 billion to $1 million—a thousand to one.” (59)


Many in Congress never even heard the counter-argument to Disney. Today’s protests may change that.


(More infographics from americancensorship.org)

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Uploaded on January 18, 2012