Obama Visits Silicon Valley

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    I brought the kids to meet Obama this evening. We took a photo with him and he signed our photo book, which opens with photos of him at this very same house in 2007.

    “Warren Buffett’s secretary should not be paying more taxes than Warren Buffett.”

    "My friend Joe Biden likes to say 'Don't compare me with the Almighty. Compare me with the alternative."

    “We have a governor who is denying climate change while the state is burning. [laughter at Perry] Literally.”

    "2008 was an important election, but 2012 will be an even more important election."

    Verbatim quotes from video:
    “I don't think we fully grasped, at least in 2007 the full magnitude of the challenges we we going to be facing. We have now gone through the worst financial crisis and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. So, for most of our lifetimes, we have never seen anything like what we have seen over the past two and one half years."

    "We knew that we were going have to not only put more money into our education system but we are going to have to revamp it, so that not just a few of our kids are prepared for the 21st Century, but all of our kids are ready for the 21st century,”

    “Overseas we knew that it was unsustainable for us to continue two wars and to think that the only way we were going to be able to project American power around the world was through our military, and we had to remind ourselves that diplomacy and the power of our example and the power of our values ultimately was going to make more of a difference in terms of how influential we are around the world.

    Well, I’m back to report to you, my stockholders.”

    Chris Cornell of Soundgarden performed an acoustic version of Black Hole Sun.

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    1. livepaola 31 months ago | reply

      You "brought" the kids, I assume?

    2. solerena 31 months ago | reply

      wow, very surreal:) thank you very much for posting, again history in the making.

      great about the education system, hope it will happen.
      But as for the power of values, but Silicon Valley type of values would be great to have extended. It is a one of a kind in a history of mankind phenomenon. There is nothing like it on this planet.

      wonder what your kids thought about this evening, would be memorable for them.

    3. jurvetson 31 months ago | reply

      They liked it, and it was a great coda to when we all went to the inauguration.

      livepaola - yes, fixed the typo. thanks. The kids cannot be bought. =)

    4. m.p.moody 31 months ago | reply

      Great photo! Westly home I presume?

    5. traversbelize 31 months ago | reply

      Good stuff... we like what we are hearing... the tone is getting where it should have been!

    6. ~Reshma~ 31 months ago | reply

      Oh Steve, you lucky duck!!

    7. theescobars 31 months ago | reply

      Obama gets it. The Republican dont let him do the right things to do. Sad.

    8. Jim Rees 31 months ago | reply

      Amazing how the presidency can turn one's hair gray. It's not a job I'd want, and I'm glad Obama is willing to do it.

    9. jurvetson 31 months ago | reply

      compared to four years ago

      The Audacity of Hope Helping Hand

      at the same location, the home of Sandy and John Thompson (Symantec CEO for 10 years).

    10. jurvetson 31 months ago | reply

      oh, and my partner TIm Draper with Lady Gaga.

      Tim and Lady Gaga

      She was wearing 2.5 ft. tall heels and needed assistance to walk and sit down.

    11. jeany777 31 months ago | reply

      Oh your partner Tim looks very handsome :-)
      Nice photo!

    12. solerena 31 months ago | reply

      Lol - yep, Tim is great.... love his "let's make a deal" video... really resonated well with me:) great for kids of all ages, simple, wise and very inspiring.

      But do not like Lady Gaga together Britney Sp. maybe i am missing something in a cultural context... she looks like a clown to me at best:)

    13. vennettaj 31 months ago | reply

      i also need somebody to explain Lady Gaga to me..love Ruby Rhod tho

      a very cool pic of Obama

    14. solerena 31 months ago | reply

      what i see the erosion of American values manifested in the most grotesque way possible.. attack on femininity and lack of taste....another sign of death and decadence... but if she is a clown -it will do.

    15. jlbijou 31 months ago | reply

      This must have been the pic from when the Prez saw Chris Cornell had just arrived!! :-)

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