African Serval

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    demonstrating the 8 ft. vertical jump that he uses to catch birds flying overhead.

    But he’s even better at catching mice. The average serval eats 4,000 mice per year.

    (There are a lot of pixels here, so it’s best viewed large)

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    1. menlo ages ago | reply

      Tease one with a stick of meat and it could possibly do 9' plus your hand.

    2. Mark 8:34 Photography ages ago | reply

      That's incredible!

    3. Photocapy ages ago | reply

      What a gracious jumper!

    4. JKaljundi ages ago | reply

      Poor animal :(

    5. RRNeal ages ago | reply

      This is a pretty amazing predatory skill.

      I'd heard of a cousin of the Serval called the Caracal. On wikipedia, at the bottom of the page, there is a link for a live-action movie of one catching a bird "on the wing". The grace of this animal is simply awe-inspiring.

      I hope this park, zoo, or conservatory treats its animals well!!!

    6. jurvetson ages ago | reply

      Yes... This was at a barn as part of an educational program for a ton of kids on Earth Day. Leopards, Etc. has a 22 acre area for the cats. The cheetah run is pretty innovative, to allow them to run at full speed after a fleeing target, and ending up at a place where the leash can be put back on.

      Here is a gallery of their gorgeous cats, including a Caracal.

    7. Philosoap [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I had a cat once that I found as a feral kitten (gnawing on a rabbit leg). She would routinely catch birds "on the wing" on my patio. It was entertaining as all get out.

    8. msamaclean © ages ago | reply

      Cats, (of all kinds), do have an amazing abillity to jump with those powerful hind legs. Our Bubba Baby has been seen at least 5-6 feet up, after a bird. Such a short, but effective burst of muscular power! ;-)

    9. BamaWester ages ago | reply

      Fantastic shot. It's a beautiful cat and you caught it in a great moment. Nicely done.

    10. OksanaUkhina ages ago | reply

      wonderful jumping!

    11. little.jafa ages ago | reply

      beautiful little guy

      Seen in the the world through my eyes pool

    12. Nicole A.K. ages ago | reply

      wow! he's so sweet!!!

    13. fantanasgrl313 101 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called *~Surely Servals~*, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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