• Secret stash of Marlboros. Shhh...don't tell the misses. She'll give me an earful. - menlo
  • Never heard Rev. Wright say that, ever--in 20 years! - menlo
  • My VP vetter doesn't 'work' for me. - menlo
  • I've been to 57 states on this campaign. - menlo
  • Tony Rezko liked to pat me on this shoulder after our weekly luncheon. - menlo


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...anticipating the superset of Super Tuesdays beset with superdelegates… oh my… It’s super close…

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  1. msamaclean © 113 months ago | reply

    Perfect, benjamin!
    YES! Baaaraaaaaak to the future & beyond!
    I haven't been this enthused about the prospects since McGovern!...yeah, that old!

  2. r o s e n d a h l 113 months ago | reply

    I bet he's got that grin goin' today!

  3. W E 36 113 months ago | reply

    cool. did u get to meet him? he seems so cool. he got my vote.

  4. aminorjourney 113 months ago | reply

    ...and thankfully he has a lot to be happy about :)

    He'd get my vote, if only I could...

  5. Leon Jacobs 113 months ago | reply

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

  6. jurvetson 113 months ago | reply

    @wareagle: Yup, a few times. Here are more photos with notes

    @benjiman: Yeah, there is an article on his fundraising prowess in The Atlantic ("How Silicon Valley made Barack Obama this year’s hottest start-up") with interviews with Gorenburg and Spinner, some of the Silicon Valley fundraisers. I also got some quotes from Obama on the topic of open source politics

  7. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 113 months ago | reply

    The JurvOracle: So, let's get the obvious superset of Super Tuesdays's stuff out of the way.
    Neo: You're not human, are you?
    The JurvOracle: Well, it's tough to get much more obvious than that.
    Neo: If I had to guess I'd say you were a program from the machine world. So is Barack.
    The JurvOracle: So far so good.
    Neo: But if that's true, it could mean you're a part of this system. Another form of control.
    The JurvOracle: Keep going.
    Neo: I suppose the most obvious question is, how can we trust him as the future president ?
    The JurvOracle: Bingo. It is a pickle. No doubt about it. The bad news is there's no way you can really know whether he' s here to help you or not, so it's really up to you. You just have to make up your own damned mind to either accept what he is going to tell you, or reject it. Candy?


  8. NVS_Inc 113 months ago | reply

    Wohooooooo, go Obama!

  9. jmven 113 months ago | reply


  10. anjeee 113 months ago | reply

    i love it!

  11. Martti_ 113 months ago | reply

    See on tõesti väga väga "close"!!!

  12. m matthys 113 months ago | reply

    It will be so awesome to have a President that we can be proud of...Go Obama!!

  13. Lida Rose 113 months ago | reply

    Let us pray he will win!

  14. pfala 113 months ago | reply

    hopefuly the next prez !
    nice one

    Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

  15. daledog 113 months ago | reply

    Pied piper of the idiots.

  16. bwaydanny 113 months ago | reply

    this years version of George McGovern

  17. m matthys 113 months ago | reply

    daledog -- I think you have Obama confused with Bush...

    Or is Bush the "Idiot pied-piper"?

    Either way, Bush and his followers are idiots.

  18. mikescottnz 68 months ago | reply

    Bill Gates' support of GM crops is wrong approach for Africa
    Glenn Ashton
    The Seattle Times, 27 February 2012

    *Guest columnist Glenn Ashton argues that Bill Gates' support of genetically modified crops conflicts with scientific research funded by the World Bank and the United Nations, and with grass-roots agronomic movements, on what is best for Africa.

    Bill Gates' support of genetically modified (GM) crops as a solution for world hunger is of concern to those of us involved in promoting sustainable, equitable and effective agricultural policies in Africa.
    There are two primary shortcomings to Gates' approach.



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