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Silvergun&Spleen promo shoot.

MUA and assistant - Clody

These three photographs are their respective profile photo for their upcoming website. TRULY sorry for the long absence – I haven’t had the time for my photography these last few weeks…


Good things that happened to me during my so-called vacations:

Got accepted into Dawsons College, classes begin August 25 :D (for the first time of my life I will actually be eager to go to class haha)

Moving out July 1st into my new flat in Montréal along with three great artistic friends!


Ok and I know I’ve been talking about that shoot with Crystel for quite a while now, but coordinating our schedules is such a bummer! We might end up cutting the shoot in half and do each concept on different days. Clody and I have been working on it for over a month now (plus I got some new outdoor equipment) so you can expect it to be extremely well thought out! :]


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Taken on August 16, 2006