A Very Snoopy Xmas!

here you go everyone! the full piece from the teaser uploaded earlier..

you ever went threw your old blackbooks & seen something & was all why did i never do that one? well shit i wanted to do a little something special for Christmas this year. & when i seen an old Snoopy piece of mine in one my old books from 2009 i think, i'd have to check to be sure & im way too high to get up right now lol. so i swiped that shit fixed up my lettering a little to where i liked it & then threw a Christmas twist on it for the holidays. Shit was so fucking cold that day! found out later it was under 40 fucking degress! hell all i fucking knew was the damn wall was fucking iced over, & my fucking fingers felt like fucking icicles ha ha! but that wasn't going to stop me.. im too fucking stubborn & hard headed to let some weather stop me. i had a fucking idea & found a good spot to make it happen! so i got to work, got the job done & got out of there. haven't done a lot of stencil work in the past but been meaning to get into it so figured this was a good as time as any! had cans that clogged hella bad, one completely, & an uneven frozen wall that was hell for stencils! but i said fuck it ain't nothing going to stop me "im a fucking dog & im a leave my fucking mark!" Arf Arf! ha ha

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Taken on January 5, 2012