A Very Snoopy Xmas!

here you go everyone! the full piece from the teaser uploaded earlier..

you ever went threw your old blackbooks & seen something & was all why did i never do that one? well shit i wanted to do a little something special for Christmas this year. & when i seen an old Snoopy piece of mine in one my old books from 2009 i think, i'd have to check to be sure & im way too high to get up right now lol. so i swiped that shit fixed up my lettering a little to where i liked it & then threw a Christmas twist on it for the holidays. Shit was so fucking cold that day! found out later it was under 40 fucking degress! hell all i fucking knew was the damn wall was fucking iced over, & my fucking fingers felt like fucking icicles ha ha! but that wasn't going to stop me.. im too fucking stubborn & hard headed to let some weather stop me. i had a fucking idea & found a good spot to make it happen! so i got to work, got the job done & got out of there. haven't done a lot of stencil work in the past but been meaning to get into it so figured this was a good as time as any! had cans that clogged hella bad, one completely, & an uneven frozen wall that was hell for stencils! but i said fuck it ain't nothing going to stop me "im a fucking dog & im a leave my fucking mark!" Arf Arf! ha ha

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  • ladypenrhyn 3y

    well bad boy you certainly have blown that wall away.. extraordinarily wicked work. Always love your lettering and choice of colours but am a little speechless at the stencil work you got happening now. Liking the cans and the bucket. btw Snoopy is my fav and has been since i was little. A magic wall for M&M and for the rest of us as well. Congrats sweetie, job well done and belated christmas and happs new year. Cant wait to see how you start 2012.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    ~**MiSs MaFiA**~ i feel you on that sweetie, yeah I'm always getting on here real quick with my phone too. Whenever i have any free time myself or bored waiting & feel like killing some time. Shit like couple weeks ago when my dumb ass volunteered to going out shopping with a couple female friends of mine ha ha. oh god did i regret that quickly lol! waiting & waiting for them to try on a million different damn outfits! & even though they were all hotties, fuck it seemed like it was never going to end.. so it goes without saying that my phone was more then a life saver ha ha! & took advantage of the down time to check out others art & reply to some comments. Well i realized i had to do something for you after everything you've done for me sexy. & i figured a surprise Christmas piece dedicated to you would brighten up your day nicely. & knowing that i got you to smile makes mine. so im sure glad it went as planned ha ha. but the "best present"? damn well that makes me feel special, thank you sexy. & yeah i figured you would like the flick of Snoopy decorating his dog house too. & about the KMK song "its a Dogs Life" well shit it's been a favorite of mine for while & my quote "dogs piss on trees & we paint on walls" i felt went along perfectly with the song, & this piece. Shit it's true too. Graff lets us live out some of our internal animal instincts. all you have to do is think about it really, like i said dogs piss on walls to mark their territory.. well what are bangers or taggers doing when the tag walls? Exactly! shit we just can't identify each others piss so we use cans of paint, markers & other instruments to leave our mark on our territory. & about living in the snow, shit fuck that! Im all for visiting friends & family & even taking vacation in the snow.. but having to deal with shoveling it every morning, footing threw it, snow chains on my tires, scraping the sleet off my windows before i can go anywhere & all the crap that comes with it is not my thing personally. i mean shit some people are into all that but not me. so I'll let them enjoy their snow & ill enjoy Cali's weather. thanks again for the warm Christmas wishes M&M, & take care of yourself.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    Stan Thanks Roving, im happy that you like my artwork. & no problem about the comment on your flicks man, just letting you know that i liked your work, keep it up man. & thanks again for your love on mine appreciate it.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    jordini2011 Thanks for that Jordini, glad you like it so much, appreciate the love sweetie.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    Girly pink princess photography * Well shit hey CandyLips, or should i say ShoSho lol? you know you really didn't have to tell me it was you, your flicks are the same & if that didn't give it away then the fact that, i don't believe i know anyone else that would ask for "the cute policeman" of mine, hella would ha ha! You really are one of a kind sweetie. But really he has nothing to do with this Snoopy & Woodstock piece of mine so I'd really rather not post him here alright cutie. but since you asked so nicely i will do you one better when i get on my computer remind me & I'll send you a link that i know you definitely will enjoy. oh & i also really need to apologize on my delay on your reply message. sorry sweetie i hope you don't think I'm ignoring or forgot about you. i forget to check my mail when I'm on my computer. seems i only think of it when I'm away & don't have access to it lol. & my phone unfortunately won't let excess my mail on here threw it, so yeah. But i will reply to it promise. It's just taking me a little longer then it should.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    ladypenrhyn ha ha thanks Rose, you really do know how to brighten my day with your comments sweetie. damn can't say i hear that word a lot, "extraordinarily" now thats a mouthful lol. i'm glad that i was able to blow you & the wall away with my work. shit hopefully the wall holds up threw it though ha ha. I'm happy that that my letters & color choice is to your liking. but I'm really happy that my stencil work left you speechless. yeah i added the cans in there years back in my blackbook, & threw in the Santa hats & stencils recently for a twist. figured it would work well for the season & even add a little "graffy" look to it too. Really Snoopy's your favorite since you were little huh? nice i did not know that! damn everyone must love the trouble making adorable black & white pup. well actually this walls not real "magic" but i am glad you & M&M think so sweetheart. & yes it for everyone to enjoy for the holidays as well as the rest the year. thanks again for the love sweetie & a belated Christmas & happs New Year too you Rose. & speaking of 2012 & "belated Christmas" i just uploaded a sketch hopefully & others will enjoy. take care of yourself & almost forgot im hella sorry that i haven't responded to your mail yet like i explained to ShoSho i have difficulties remembering to check it when I'm on my computer. but seem to always remember when I'm on my phone instead. but you know me Rose.. & it may take me little longer but i will get to it, promise.
  • Girly pink princess photography * 3y

    *Breeding The Disease* It's ok lew :) don't worry I was really busy with university and I was shopping a lot ! Today is my brothers wedding I'm so happy ;D and for the message I tottaly forget about it really I know you were busy :)
  • NapaNinja 3y

    Wat yes u r!! My lewrs always buzy :( i dnt care santa dyings nt funy! da i kno u been huntin be4 like wen u went wit my x!! OMG THAT WAS SOOOOOO WEIRD!!!!! God dnt do that again!!! Evr plz!! I will nt let u kill a poor reindeer tho! Santa needs them! No ALLLLLLLL the good kidz wil get ther stuff i help u :) wil jus hav 2 make lots lots stops ;) hehe <333
  • Aye Nonymous 3y

    40 below 0? paint doesnt work in that kind of weather dude. it barely works in 10 degree weather, let alone 40 below.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    NapaNinja ok fine yeah im busy most the time. but i would still find time for you. & alright fine Santa dying's not funny, you win. ha ha yeah i remember that, dude actually wasn't all bad once i got to know him, & a pretty damn good hunter too ha ha. shit think i feel like going hunting again, what was his number again cutie? ha ha ha! i can't just have atleast one reindeer? damn thats messed up lol. ok lets see all the good kids get their toys I'm a want all year, maybe even couple years to make it happen. & like you said plenty of "stops" to keep me happy, actually hell we technically don't even need to stop, i think while flying would even make it that much more a rush too
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    Aye Nonymous oh damn you are hella right ha ha. yeah i caught that little mistake just recently, thanks to a friend bringing it up to my attention, before you did. shit i don't know if i wasn't listening fully to her when she said it, if she was mistaken herself or if i didn't hear it correctly cause i was so god damn high that day! but I'm thinking it must of been 40 degrees which is how i got the 40 below ha ha. hell i don't ever check the temperature myself, the information was passed on to me so yeah. all i know is it was fucking cold to say the least! were the paint kept freezing & i wish i had worn maybe couple more layers then a T-shirt & a sweatshirt ha ha. but hell live & learn i say. i forgot to correct my error so i was waiting for some one that just couldn't help themselves & just had to correct it themselves instead ha ha. so thanks man, guess it's a good thing you clicked on my flick, read the whole description i left & took time to leave me a comment letting me know of my mistake, what would i have done without you dude lol.
  • Aye Nonymous 3y

    ill paint in 20-25 degree weather. i put some old socks around my cans to keep them warm. so 40 is actually pretty warm for me. i just thought that was weird. 40 below? haha. i wouldnt even be able to function in that kind of weather haha.
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    Aye Nonymous 40 degrees warm? ha ha fuck that! not in Cali. but putting the cans in old socks to keep them warm.. nice i got to try that! thanks for the advice man. yeah now that you think of it i don't think anyone would be able to function in that kind of weather.. again i don't check the temperature ever but according to a homie of mine that would be some snow for sure. & shit was fucking cold & raining but no snow. & although i have painted in the snow in the past, it wasn't that day ha ha.
  • Andrea Votta 3y

  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    Andrea Votta Thanks Andrea, glad you like it sweetheart, appreciate the compliment.
  • Jake O'Connor 3y

    cool style !
  • *Breeding The Disease* 3y

    Jake O'Connor Thanks ‘Mech’ yeah wanted to do something special for Christmas last year.. So I did a bomb of mine with some stencil work, & gave it a Snoopy theme for my girl M&M. Appreciate the compliment homie, glad you like it.
  • SEMI BSK 2y

    Feelin it!!
  • *Breeding The Disease* 2y

    SEMI BSK Thanks 'Semi' glad you like it bro. Appreciate you letting me know.
  • jason abbott 2y

    Lewr too hard.
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