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  • Yup, my son has grabbed all my green Brickarms weapons for his army men.
  • I love these wheels, I've been using them for quite a while on my planes and they are extremely good because of their size. - Rubén Riojas
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Green Army Men M3A1 Stuart

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A project I did as a gift for my 5 yr old son.
Built from Brickmania instructions with several part substitutions based on colour availability.

(Back story) Out of all my military projects my son loves my 3 Brickmania M3A1 Stuarts the most. Too many times he has said that he'd love a tank for his Green Army Men so I decided to build him one.

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  1. "Rumrunner" 42 months ago | reply

    Thanks for all the comments.... greatly appreciated.

    Quick update since posting this, the "Mean Green Machine" (as my son has named it) has taken out my Tiger 1, 2 M3 Halftracks, a StuG III and 4 of my 5 Shermans in a massive kitchen table battle.

    There is no stopping Green Army Men.

  2. PhiMa' 42 months ago | reply

    Your Tiger I? You have a Tiger I? :D

  3. "Rumrunner" 42 months ago | reply

    I've had a Tiger 1 for almost 2 years now, just never took pictures of it.

  4. papa ewok (ewok master) 42 months ago | reply

    "Mean Green Machine" almost sounds like a Marine! :P

  5. Herr_Ghillie! 41 months ago | reply

    i canot find logic in the fact that an M3 light tank took out a Tiger I heavy tank, 2 halftracks, a StuG III TANK DESTROYER and most of your shermans. but, oh well :P

  6. Legtayoʀ 39 months ago | reply

    Would you possibly make one of these to sell?

  7. ForeverAloneHorse1 39 months ago | reply

    oh god, i see what your goin to do...

  8. "Rumrunner" 39 months ago | reply

    Sorry but absolutely not. I have no interest or desire to get into the "selling WW II" game. I build for my own enjoyment and for my kids.
    FYI this tank was built using Brickmania's instructions. It's easy to do, just change all the parts to green.

  9. Legtayoʀ 39 months ago | reply

    Alright, I understand. And Brickmania probably wouldn't like you profiting off of their instructions. Now I just have to debate whether to get instructions club or buy a set to get the instructions.

  10. ForeverAloneHorse1 37 months ago | reply

    I beleive Rumrunner is married. So I think that would be a NO for a relationship with him.

  11. Herr_Ghillie! 37 months ago | reply

    actually, they sell a book with a ton of instructions in them that you could buy at their site for maybe $50-60, don't remember.
    but i got it before the whole website-change thing, so i don't know if they still sell it. :/

  12. Barkyindustries 35 months ago | reply

    Dear Rum runner, You know the barrel of the cannon of the stuart, can that be made to go up and down or is it stuck in that 15 degrees position??

  13. Immediate~C 34 months ago | reply

    I'd prefer this over Lego's, in fact I bet lego is to stupid to make this anyway : P but that was nice building it for your son.

  14. kingtiger719 22 months ago | reply

    very nice flashy little stuart !!!

  15. legoworldwar2 21 months ago | reply

    that is beast!! your son is so lucky!!

  16. Tank Buster 12 months ago | reply

    You are a great father, I hope my kids like legos some day :)

  17. Hochhaus Ziegelsteine 12 months ago | reply

    That chassis, what happened?

  18. "Rumrunner" 12 months ago | reply

    You're looking at a model built over three years ago from a design that was a year or more older at the time. The chassis design has changed significantly since then with many newer parts becoming available. To be honest this model really looks nothing like this now with the extensive reworking that's been done to it.

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