• 17" MacBook Pro
  • M-Audio BX5a
  • 23" Apple Cinema Display
  • 500GB External HDD
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mighty Mouse

Nicholas Todd's Bedroom Workspace

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This is my workspace. I built the Shelf myself with a tray inset and planted some wheat grass for a nice color. The shelf is also light from beneath for a nice ambient glow at night. I love the dual monitor setup and mounted the 23" HD Cinema display with a VESA wall mount. I also built the desk from a door, attached it to the wall with a cleat and and attached two legs from EQ3. I'm still in school and have lots of group projects, so the large desk is perfect for two people. All in all I love having this workspace in my bedroom. Suggestions welcome. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Ern_st 55 months ago | reply

    Love the grass :)

  2. brklynsurfer 55 months ago | reply

    Would love to hear more details about the grass. A DIY guide would be nice. I think this is a great setup. Simple focused. Great texture with he grass.

  3. Nicholas Todd.. 55 months ago | reply

    I know... A DIY guide would be great, but I didn't take any pictures while building the shelf. The grass itself was super easy. They didn't have planters in the length that I wanted so I took two planters and cut and combined them with JB Quick weld (super quick drying and strong on just about anything). I glued the tray inside the shelf before attaching the top. Once the planter tray was in, I filled it with an inch thick layer of gravel, then potting soil to nearly the top. Then lots of wheat grass seeds, then a thin layer of soil over the seeds. The potting soil is nice because it is so airy and the grass can really take root easily. I poured some water over the seeds very slowly and gently so it didn't pool and spill everywhere. Once the soil was thoroughly moist, I left it.

    Grass sprouted within two days, and was super thick in a week and a half. I trim it occasionally and give it a good watering (8 cups or so) once every week. The wheat grass grows great indoors with minimal light from my bedroom window.

  4. yariire 54 months ago | reply

    I love the grass ;D

  5. evanmcgillivray 53 months ago | reply

    what vesa wall mount are you using

  6. Nicholas Todd.. 53 months ago | reply

    You need a vesa mount adapter from apple for the cinema display ($29). Be careful to buy the one you need because they have one for the older cinema display and one for the new LED cinema display. Then a cheap VESA mount from amazon
    www.amazon.com/Monitor-Panel-Maximum-loading-ML20/dp/B000... to get it up on the wall. The have articulating arms and really anything you could want. You must have the apple adapter and then you can choose any 100mm VESA mount that you want

  7. on.e.yed.ric 51 months ago | reply

    The table looks great! I was wondering where you found that white desk riser

  8. Zawmbeez 51 months ago | reply

    Thanks for this idea! Im gonna make that desk riser myself, so I can have more space and stuff. Actually, I like it so much, I wanted to comment but first I went through all the pain to make a yahoo-account for this to actually comment xD.

    Thanks for inspiration 'n' stuffs =3

  9. This Incredible World 47 months ago | reply

    I'm about ready to grow some grass on my desk! It looks fantastic!

  10. scleroplex 44 months ago | reply

    very nice :-)

  11. angelpark85 44 months ago | reply

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  12. GoanBicyclist 32 months ago | reply

    Lovin' the grass!

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