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Possible Supernova CSS120328:152754+185519 in an Anonymous Galaxy Narrowfield L - April 1

Technical information:

Total exposure 45 min (3 x 15 min, luminance filter; binned 2x2, scale 0.91 asec/px)

SN seen but measurements include light from faint anonymous host seen on DSS2 image

Time: 2012.4.1.371

Astrometry: RA 15 27 53.83 Dec 18 55 19.1

Photometry: 20.0 +/- 0.1 L

These data were collected remotely using a 51-cm

RCOS and STL11K camera at New Mexico Skies, Mayhill, New

Mexico by Joseph Brimacombe, Coral Towers Observatory,

Cairns, Australia.

FITS file available on request from

Further technical information in image


New Mexico Skies

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Image of my dome in New Mexico Skies:

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Taken on April 4, 2012