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Point Dume Ca, - Betta Rambo | by ™ Pacheco
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Point Dume Ca, - Betta Rambo

Well, a small piece of sad news, depending on how you look at it. I tend to always look on the bright side of things, always digging to find the hidden truth, the deeper understanding, scrapping for a positive in most things.... occasionally i am overwhelmed and can surely lose my way... i am human after all.... back to my story.... When I came home yesterday, I noticed my Betta Fish, who I quite deserving named "Rambo" was not in his tank... after a few walks around the apartment, armed with a samurai sword, absolutely convinced that there was an intruder in my apartment, who purposefully stole my Rambo and was simply hiding in the shadows until I noticed his bizarre and unexplained disappearance, hmmmm.... i couldn't find anyone..... back to the tank, now I have had a few mysterious nights where I felt a ghost was standing by my bed watching me... moving around my apartment.... shifting lights and such.... not that that spooks me at all, but, did this ghost have something to do with my missing Rambo? Was rambo a dream? hmmmm... more detailed inspection of his living quarters... nothing..... whats going on..... finally, after crawling around the floor like sherlock holms... searching for clues in the crime of the century, i finally found him...... on the floor, very unmysteriously dead. Apparently he jumped out of his puddle (tank), Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta) are known to be good jumpers, and "Rambo was one of the best!" :) he was a fiesty fella... always eager to let me know he was happy I was home and that he was ready for some Betta Bits :), Silly Rambo, just as much of an explorer as I am... like we all are.... jumping for puddles...... searching..... Perhaps now he's on Jupiter in a giant purple ocean with lot's of other Betta Fish... or just maybe he isn't a little Betta fish anymore... I'm convinced he's just as amazing a creature as i am and ever will be, you are and you ever will be, and I see no reason why he isn't simply on the next leg of his journey, that same journey we all take. So, this image is for him, a little reminder for me of our short lived friendship... and of his time on this beautiful earth. Hope your jumping puddles and blowing bubbles somewhere positively magical. Godspeed Rambo.


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Taken on July 29, 2010