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    I love that Simon and Floydd have remained close. I often find them snuggled up together.
    Larry left his overnight suitcase on the table this morning, ready to go when he get's home from work. It's his turn to go to the shore and get the next group of renters in.
    These two took advantage of the nice comfortable place to nap, and spent a good portion of the afternoon zonked out on top of Larry's suitcase.
    They got up when it was time for dinner, but as soon as they were done Floydd got right back up there.
    Larry had to throw him off in order to leave! He took a considerable amount of kitty hair with him!

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    1. delikizinyeri 33 months ago | reply

      Absolutely adorable!

    2. silverbox2: Willow Is Purring 33 months ago | reply

      Such a cozy and splendid napping oppurrtunity!

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    3. susana_mazzara 33 months ago | reply

      dulces sueños tesoros
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    4. kiwibyrd1 33 months ago | reply

      They look just so sweet sleeping together!

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    5. paloetic 33 months ago | reply

      ... so sweet ... melts my heart :)

    6. F.E.H.E 33 months ago | reply

      ooh jude this is so so sweet !
      heey haha yeah my hair is getting longer and my mom would like me to cut it haha well i dont know.
      many many hugs honey !
      love you jude !

    7. b877402 [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      They are soooo cute wrapped up in each other!! Just like people :)
      My flower could be a peony!! I took the picture at the rose gardens so I assumed it was a rose!! Have a fun day !!! LOL I had chocolate cake and coffee for breakfast :):):)

    8. fauxto_digit 33 months ago | reply


    9. Light Echoes 33 months ago | reply

      The fabulous warm color really fits this sweet shot.

    10. Bennilover, off for a few days 33 months ago | reply

      Adorable! I love when they love each other. And what is it about suitcases? Every time I visit Kerri, her cats climb into and all over my suitcase. Dogs don't do this. Cats are more curious about possessions I think.

    11. Kerri Lee Smith - On vaccation 33 months ago | reply

      How lucky for you to have cats that snuggle up together providing such a heartwarming image and how lucky for Larry to have a bit of Simon and Floydd with him on his trip to the shore.

    12. george_gww 33 months ago | reply

      beautiful images Judy !!

    13. Northwestkathleen, crazy for dogs & cats! 33 months ago | reply

      Since Rosie grew up, cat hair has become a condiment in this house!! LOL!

      I love these pictures of the two cuddles up in the soft light!! Yeah, mom's home!!

    14. mooonalila 33 months ago | reply

      Awwww this is fabulous !

    15. KaisaQ 33 months ago | reply

      Sweetness times two!

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    16. edgarandron 33 months ago | reply



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    17. PaulO Classic. © 33 months ago | reply

      Ahhhh...the stressful life of a cat!! ;-)

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