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please say a prayer.... | by Judecat (settling in for winter)
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please say a prayer....

Since we've been at the shore house, I've been carefully monitoring Raven.

After her "bad episode" at the beginning of July when we first got down here, I took her back to our vet up home.

We had some blood work done which came back basically normal except for some slightly elevated liver values.....but nothing alarming.

But it was obvious that something was really off with her

It was suggested that I get an ultra sound done in the not too distant future.

At first we thought we might be able to hold off until fall after I got back home, however after closely observing her over the past couple of weeks my gut told me that I shouldn't put it off, so I made an appt. with a very good veterinary practice right down here off shore.

She had her ultrasound on Sunday morning. (this place is 24/7 with a staff of wonderful surgeons and they're fully equipped with imaging and everything else you need)

They found a large mass on her spleen.

The bottom line is that they have no way of knowing until they go in, whether it's benign or not.

If it is benign, it's a tricky surgery, however if they can successfully remove it, Raven could have several more good and happy years ahead of her............if it's not................


Meanwhile, the situation is pretty much critical. She's a ticking time bomb. If it ruptures, she could bleed out within a matter of minutes.


So tomorrow morning we are going to proceed with the surgery, if x-rays of her chest show that nothing has spread.


I'm scared out of my mind.

Please say prayers or just send good vibes her way..

I just can't imagine having to go back home without her.

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Taken on August 20, 2018