• *Fashions*
    Top - Play Along - Hannah Montana
    Skirt - Spin Master - LIV
    Leggings, Scarf (originally a skirt) - Mattel - My Scene
    Shoes, Belt - Mattel - Barbie
    Earrings - Mattel - SIS
  • *Fashions*
    Top, Jeans - Mattel - Barbie
    Shrug - Mattel - My Scene
    Boots - Play Along - Camp Rock
    Necklace - Mattel - SIS
  • *Fashions*
    Dress - Mattel - Barbie Fashionistas
    Vest - Mattel - Fashion Fever
    Jewelry - Mattel - My Scene & SIS
    Boots - Mattel - SIS
  • Love their faces.........soo pretty!!! - Fashion_Luva

Black Beauties

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I love the Mbili face as much as the Mackie, well, a little more. Thanks to Stacy for using them in the SIS line, or else I would have had to wait longer to get one. They all have the same faces, but you can hardly tell from the skintone variety.

I think I'll get another Barbie Basics #8 to put on an Artsy body so she can join them. I think she'll match that bod good.

  1. lostfromreality 51 months ago | reply

    Would number 8 happen to be the one that resembles a Barbie version of Madison??

  2. tru_fashionista 51 months ago | reply

    Yes she is.
    Hey, I never noticed, but she would make a great Mads in the Barbie world.

  3. Fashion_Luva 51 months ago | reply

    They look soo cute and stylish!!!

  4. Colletor Royalty 51 months ago | reply

    Actually Artsy's skintone is too light for basic #8. #8 has the same skin tone as S.I.S Grace.

  5. tru_fashionista 51 months ago | reply

    Really? #8 is lighter than my Grace. I'll try to make it work. :)

  6. lostfromreality 51 months ago | reply

    You can hardly notice the difference in photos, though, so #8 should be able to pull it off. Just look at the pics of my Rocawear Grace on Artsy's body. ;)

  7. tru_fashionista 51 months ago | reply

    Just like Trichelle on Sassy bod, not exact but it works.

    I'll try and stop by Target after school to get Basic #8 and Artsy, plus I need to get some Disney Store dolls too.

  8. lostfromreality 51 months ago | reply

    You're so lucky your school is near a mall that has a Target! Shopping galore! ;)

    I'm going to need a whole batch of Fashionistas for the dolly heads I keep eventually liking. xD

  9. tru_fashionista 51 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I just have to keep myself on budget or else I'll go nutty.

    I have a bunch of heads that are demanding pivotal knees too, LOL. I think I'll start adding to MSH's "Altering Fashions' thread again when I start getting too many of the same Fashionista outfits.

  10. lostfromreality 51 months ago | reply

    xD Same.

    Ooh, that'll be exciting seeing different versions of the outfits! I'm just going to keep the doubles as is and maybe display them in the Fashion Fever boutique.

  11. Salvador L.A. 51 months ago | reply

    They're all beautiful :D

  12. Kia Spencer 51 months ago | reply

    I love your photo

  13. summerdoll1 46 months ago | reply


  14. billinoso 42 months ago | reply

    Hello, my name is Jocelyn and my english is not very good : ( but I have a question for you
    How I can to exchange the barbie´s heads? Is very important for me, thank you very much

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