2017, 50th Annual Mad City RR Show
My last show in Madison (moving to Lincoln, Nebraska). Daphne was not with me this year because she passed just because Christmas. She loved this show! The last show she was able to make was 2015 where I took very few pictures because she was so frail. This year I went in her honor and spent about 2-1/2 hours shooting the heck out of it. She would have enjoyed these pictures. The show has gotten smaller every year since we started going. Even though this was the 50th the show was the smallest I've ever seen. Nevertheless there was plenty to shoot, and I gave my Sony RX10 a pretty good workout. It performed beautifully, mostly in aperture priority with "floating" ISO. A couple of the panning shots were made in shutter priority. Autofocus used throughout, and the big Sony nailed it every time. The light in here is pretty awful. I think they may be mercury vapor which have a pretty narrow band, but I've managed to get something every year, and this is the first year I shot 100% raw processed in Lightroom. Control of color temperature was fairly easy.
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